Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I'm a little bit addicted to Shopping...

Hello lovelies! Totally overwhelmed at the fact I've got 86 followers! Thanks so much for following me and I hope you're all enjoying my posts :)

Today I've got a little haul for you as I participated in my favourite sport, shopping.  I did go into town with the intentions of getting my Mum a birthday present but I couldn't find anything so I bought some stuff for me instead. Oops!

So first off, I went to Primark! My usual favourite spot for cheap and cheerful, barganious clothes! I wasn't that impressed today.  I picked up this lovely blue ring which is absolutely gorgeous in real life but the camera doesn't do it much justice! It was only £2 so well worth the wear i'm going to get out of it! 

Does anybody actually like these boots?! They were, believe it or not, only £2! They're totally not my style and I will probably never wear them but they were only £2! CRAZY! Would any of you wear them? There were absolutely loads there!

I also picked up this playsuit for £5.  It's jersey material and the picture makes it look rubbish but it's actually quite alright.  I like it because it's so plain and I can just put it on on days where I feel like I don't want to make much effort!

Next I went to Superdrug to get some points on my lovely new little card! Wahey! I have 172 now! Yaaay! I got Barry M's Mint Green and Raspberry to add to my evergrowing nail varnish collection.  These were 2 for £4.99.  Good eh?!

Also at 2 for £5 I couldn't pass on these beauties.  I've never used these specific products before but I am a big fan of Aussie's Shampoo and Conditioner.  I got Leave-in Conditioner and Take the Heat Leave-in Spray.  My hair is in such bad condition so I'm hoping this might cure it a little bit.

I picked up the Deep Nourishing Hot Oil Treatments from VO5 because I recall Gemma from GemsMaquillage talking about them in one of her videos on Youtube (I think!). They were only £3 so I'm not too bothered if they are rubbish which I doubt for one second they are!

Now, I would NEVER normally buy any makeup from Bodycare because it's all complete rubbish and reminds me of being 11 years old and spending all my pocket money on really tacky eyeshadow palettes but I went in today for some St Moriz (which they didn't have :( ) and I spotted this Benefit-esque little gem. There was a tester so i put a little bit on my hand and I was really really impressed! Besides the cheap packaging, the product is really silky and glides on my skin a treat so I'm really happy I bought this.  It was £3.99 which is a little bit pricey for Bodycare but I think I prefer this to my usual GOSH Primer.

Saving the best 'til last! I was at the checkout in Superdrug when I noticed these little beauties! A set of three eyeshadows which were originally released for Mothers Day, for £1.99! The Accesorize eyeshadows retail separately at £4 each so they were an absolute steal and coincidentally these are the colours that I would most likely pick if I bought the eyeshadows separately! The swatch isn't the best but they are highly pigmented and I can't wait to wear one tomorrow! The shades are, from left to right, Sage, Truffle and Soft Pink.  I think I'll use the Soft Pink one as a highlighter more than anything! I'm so pleased with these finds!

I hope you enjoyed my little haul! I love hauls. I'm so nosey and I love to see what everybody is buying! Also if you have a twitter account please leave your username below so I can follow you all! My username is @Glitzcarousels 

Grace x

Friday, 20 May 2011

A late Face of the Day.

HEY YOU GUYZ! Just joking, Hello! Hope you are all well! I was just browsing through my phone and discovered a few photos of me I had taken after a night out.  I am very much hungover in these pictures but still, I think the quality of them is pretty good so why not publish them in a FOTD post, right?!

I was in a bit of a hurry getting ready so I just plaited my hair and took it out about an hour later so I had lovely beach wavy hair.  I'm a massive fan of wavy hair and I find that plaiting my hair and leaving it for an hour then taking it out makes my hair have a sort of boho look about it which pleases me alot!

On my face I'm wearing the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory, Rimmel Match Perfection Powder in True Ivory and Elf's Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder.

I'm wearing an MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 17 just to sort of prime my eyelids.  I think this eyeshadow really suits well with my foundation and you can barely tell I've even got any on! I have then added a little of Barry M's Kohl Eyeliner just so I don't look too "plain".  My mascara is the Maybelline Colossal One by One Mascara in Black and I absolutely love it! I think it makes my eyelashes look alot more voluminous which I very much need cause I've been blessed with horrid little stumpy things!

On my lips I am wearing a tiny tiny little bit of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Coral, it is hardly noticeable but still, I can notice the difference!

I hope you liked this post...Let me know if you did and if you would like to see more of these.  

Grace x

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hey Baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Hey lovelies! Thanks for the lovely new followers, I love getting new followers and checking to see if you guys have blogs too! I always end up browsing for ages though when I intentionally log on to blog! Haha! So today is going to be a complete TOWIE and beauty related post.  I have so many other things to blog about but I don't want to blog too often in case I start to bore you all!

ANYWAY! On Friday night I was a complete dribbling mess because me and my equally TOWIE obsessed friend Leighanne, went to see Joey Essex in my local nightclub.  He is actually GORGEOUS! I even love his orange-ness, it's beautiful.  The first 100 people got to meet him but I was about the 500th unfortunately, due to work :( but I can't complain! I still got to see him in the flesh and also managed to deafen a poor man who was standing in front of me. OOPS. Sorry my pictures aren't very good!

Me and my friend Leighanne all geared up for JOEY! 

The lovely Joey Essex himself! Phwoaaaar! (even at his sunglasses).  So sorry about the quality of these pictures they were taken on my iphone and the lighting in the club is rubbish!

My 'essex' inspired patchy, spilt drinks on, tan! How embarrassing!

I also recently read on Dizzybrunette3's blog that Billie Faiers out of TOWIE highlights her cheeks with Fake Bake's Shimmer Brick.  When I read the post I was delighted because I've always wondered what bronzer/shimmer she used as she always looks so gorgeous.  I presumed it'd be a mixture of things or something from MAC whom I have never bought a single product from, so I knew that the next time I went into town I'd end up buying this product and that's exactly what I did!

At £11.22 in Boots, this is very pricey but I'd say it's definitely worth it as I wear it all the time now and it definitely makes me feel a little more glamorous than using just my normal bronzer.  I got it in the shade medium cause I wanted it to make a big difference to me.

As you can see it is an absolutely gorgeous colour and I love the fact that you can just use one of these colours as a cheeky little highlighter or eyeshadow too instead of full on sweeping a mixture of all the colours over your cheeks.

So here's a few silly pictures of me and my friend in which I am wearing the Fake Bake Shimmer Brick on Monday night! Sorry about the awful face, terrible picture quality and the massive amounts of boobage.

Billie (left) is wearing the incredible Fake Bake shimmer brick in the above photo I believe and she looks absolutely stunning! In fact, I think I might want to be her! 

Thanks for reading and would any of you like to see a daily post from me? I am thinking about blogging daily but I don't want to if you think it'd be a bit of a bore so let me know what you think :)  Sorry about this being such a massive post but I hope it's an enjoyable read!

Grace x

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ebay Eyelashes

I feel like absolute rubbish today. My glands are swollen and my throat is so sore, I think I may have tonsillitis.  I'm off to the doctors tomorrow to find out! I've had a day off work today too so I'm kind of worried my boss is going to go crazy when I go back to work because he hates me having days off as I'm the only bar person! :( Sad sad times!

Anyway, moving on to cooler subjects, I recently purchased a set of 10 lashes from Ebay for £2.97.  I wasn't too keen on the idea at first but when I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that the eyelash glue is the most important part of the eyelash application procedure and for £2.97 it doesn't really matter if they're rubbish. 

The eyelashes look a bit tatty but I cut the stringy bits at the end off and they actually looked just like the Eyelure Girls Aloud range of lashes which really pleased me as these are my favourite!  The eyelashes did arrive with some Eyelash Glue but it looks really cheap and nasty and I just don't want to put that on my eyes so I used my safe and fail proof Eyelure glue that I had left over from previous lashes i've purchased in the past.  

Here's me wearing the eyelashes! Haha, so sorry for the moody/stupid facial expressions.  I didn't plan on actually blogging about these so I didn't take very good pictures.  All in all, I really do rate these lashes and think they're so easy to apply!  It does depend on which glue you use and you always should remember to wait until the glue is tacky before applying lashes. They lasted all night which was a good 9 hours and I didn't have to re-apply the glue once which was a good thing because I actually forgot it!

Here's a link to the seller just in case any of you did want to try these.  I highly recommend them and will no doubt be re purchasing theme sometime soon!
Get these lashes here! 

Hope you are all well and having a lovely lazy Sunday! 

Grace, x

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Only way is Essex!

OH MY GOODNESS! TOWIE has now ended until Autumn.  I am absolutely gutted and have no idea how I will spend my Wednesday and Sunday nights now.  My boyfriend is over the moon as it means I'll stop doing the Essex accent all the time (he hates it, i love it).  My favourite person ever in the whole of the show is Joey Essex.  I absolutely love him, he's such a reem machine.  I think reem may have been taken a little bit too far now though but it's allowed cos Joey invented such a reem word.  He's actually at my local nightclub on May 13th.  I'm working that night but i'm so so so tempted to go and get my picture taken with him just because I love him, so much. Haha! Have any of you been watching the show?  Who is your favourite "character"?   Anybody else as gutted as I am about it finishing?!