Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Delightful Brand Discovery: Beauty UK!

A cheeky face of the day! Today I decided to go for a little wander into town with my two sisters. I've been wanting to pick up a Beauty UK product for a while now because i've heard a fair few great things about them but everytime I go into Superdrug I end up completely dismissing the Beauty UK section. Today was different, I was determined to get a lipstick from this range.

The lipstick I chose was the shade 2 - Candy. It's a gorgeous Barbie pink colour and being the complete Barbie Obsessed girl I am, I had to have it! The little pot on the end pops off and to my delight, it is filled with a gorgeous sheer lip gloss. For £3.49 this is an absolute steal.

Whilst I was there, I noticed that if you bought two Beauty Uk items you could get 100 extra beauty card points. Being the sucker I am I picked up a nail varnish for £1.99 not expecting to be too impressed with it as I'd not heard much hype about the nail varnishes.

I picked up Pink Explosion to match my new Barbie inspired lipstick. I've got to say this is my new favourite and I absolutely cannot wait to treat myself to many more nail varnishes from this collection. After all, how couldn't I?! Look how gorgeous this shade is?!

Will any of you be purchasing any lipsticks or nail varnishes from Beauty Uk? Let me know of your favourite products from this range because I cannot wait to try more!

Grace x


  1. I have the Peach Melba nail varnish from Beauty UK! It's like an near enough identical dupe for Illamasqua's 'Purity' nail polish! I love it!

  2. such a lovely colour lipstick, and varnish!
    very barbie pink!

  3. OH I love that lipstick! I wish we had it in the states, looks a lot like the nicki minaj Mac lipstick i missed out on (it sold out before i could make it to the store)

  4. Wow, this looks absolutely fantastic on you! :D

  5. That lipstick really suits you, I think it's great that you've matched it to your nail polish too! Very cool!
    I'll definitely be taking a closer look at the Beauty UK range - thanks for the idea!!

    Katie x

  6. The lipstick is such a feminine and pretty color. Certainly, your pout will look smashing... x

    hope to hear from you*!

  7. I always seem to bypass the BeautyUK range too, but next time I'm in Superdrug I may have to have a look at it. I tend to go for 2True, Barry M and MUA.
    Lovely picture of you xx

  8. The lipstick looks awesome aw i wanna try that brand,wish we had it in Greece .

    have a look in my handmade colorful sandals!!!

  9. I've been looking at your blog and all the pictures of you and you look beautiful! So don't try to loose to much weight you look beautiful and you got a beautiful face!!!!


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