Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fragrance Direct Haul

Today's post is going to be a little haul of my recent purchases made on . I am beyond impressed with the delivery price and time! It costs £1.99 for delivery and I placed mine yesterday at 3am and got it today. How perfect is that?! I've never ordered from them before but since the ELF website was taking absolutely ages to load I decided to take the risk.

My hair is in serious need of some TLC at the moment so I thought I'd buy a few new products to try and mend it. It's just so knotty and horribly dry!  I got the Osmo Essense intensive deep repair mask for £1.99 and the Nex Coconut and Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner.  There was a promotion on that if you buy the Shampoo for £2.50 you get a free conditioner and because I love the smell of coconut I had to get this! I'm hoping it's going to be good but I doubt it as I rarely trust cheap shampoo/conditioner.

I also picked up two Montagne Jeunesse hair masks. The left one is the Perfectly Pampered Mandarin & Grapefruit for de-stress and de-frizz which was 85p! Such a bargain and I know a lot of you have reviewed Montagne Jeunesse so I'm excited to see what these are like.  On the right is the Volume Miracle Wild Strawberry Serum which was also 85p! I think these are such a bargain and you actually get a decent amount of product. Great for a nice little treat for your hair!

My favourite part! MAKE UP! Haha. I got the Maybelline XXL Curl Power Volume Mascara in Black. It has one side for volumising and the other side is for lengthing. I've read no reviews on this whatsoever but I don't mind because it was only £2.99! Any mascara by Maybelline surely has to be worth £2.99! Have you ever tried it? Also, I HAD to have this Wet n Wild Mascara in Brown because it was only 40p! 40p?! Amazing! I don't even care if it's rubbish or the fact that I never ever wear Brown mascara!

My Mum has been saying for a while about how she used to use Leichner Foundation when she was younger because it gave such a flawless, full coverage finish. Obviously when I saw it for £2.99 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it. I'm going to try it later on, it looks really thick and greasy but I think I could make it look amazing. Oh, I got the shade Porcelain because it seemed like the lightest one they do and I'm so pale without fake tan.

Of course, I can never do any shopping without purchasing a lipstick! This one is from Rimmel and is in 'Alarm'. It was only £1.99 and these are usually about £5 so a proper bargain there. I love the colour. I've got so many red lipsticks now and I never seem to use them but I'm going to wear this one today.

I can't get enough of buying eyelashes. I usually buy them in bulk off Ebay but these ones appealed to me so I needed them in my life for £1.49. I don't really like them in the flesh but hopefully they will look better when I put them on. 

I got two nail varnishes. A Ciate Paint Pot in 'Patsy'. I don't normally wear red nail varnish so I'm excited to wear this.  I've never tried Ciate before but I'm aware that this is the company that makes nail varnish for ASOS? Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, this was a complete steal at only 99p.  Also got a Rimmel Lycra Pro nail varnish in 'Pop Rose'. I've got the 'Orange Bliss' in this and it's gorgeous. I love how big the brush is, it makes it so much easier to paint nails with. This was also only 99p!

Next I got the Honolulu Bronzer for £2.25. I am in love with this. I've tried it on already and it's just so gorgeous! Definitely going to be my Bronzer for Summer I think. I love the little Benefit-esq box and the little brush! So so cute!

So that was my haul :) Have you ever ordered from Fragrance Direct before? Have you ever tried any of these products?

Grace x


  1. I love Fragrance Direct, they always have some great bargains :) And I've always been very impressed with their service.

    Zoe xoxo

  2. I order a lot from here! Especially lipsticks as I find they are just so cheap! My hair is also in need of some tlc so Im going to have a browse of the hair treatments. Let me know if any of them work! xx

  3. Great haul, those hair masks look interesting!

  4. Some lovely buys hun, i thin i've bought from there once before!!
    i never knew Montagne Jeunesse did hair masks!!
    i'll be checking these out!!:)


  5. I really want to try some hair masks! Thanks so much for following :)


  6. I have the honolulu bronzer. Its actually not bad but be warned can come out a bit 'thick' so bang your brush well! Didn't once and ended up with dodgy splodges on my forehead LOL! Nice haul you have there hun xxx

  7. wowee you got a lot :)
    I really want the bronzer and keep meaning to order it, must get my ass in gear! xx

  8. I need to get on that website! I love Rimmel Pro nail varnish. For 99p it would be rude not to!

  9. Just found your blog, it's so cute and I love your style of writing! I'm your newest follower :)

    Haven't ordered from fragrance direct before, but I'd love to try it out, you got some great discounts!

  10. great purchases! definitely do a review-i am interested to hear about the hair products! i love the lipstick you bought-what a beautiful red! :)

  11. Ooh, you got a lot of things there that I've never heard of! They all look lovely,

    Rosie x

  12. I have not heard of so many of these brands - I'd love to read your reviews!

  13. i'm thinking of buying some brushes now from fragrance direct that does that honolulu bronzer you got, fingers crossed!


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