Thursday, 16 June 2011

Making changes...

I have decided that I'm going to make a change in regards to my diet and lifestyle. I just feel like I eat too much rubbish and definitely not enough healthy food! I doubt I even get my five a day.  I'd also like to lose quite a lot of weight...well, maybe a couple of stone.  

I think by updating my blog each week with how my diet is going inc. pictures of what I've eaten, how much I've eaten, calorie/fat intake, how much exercise i've done etc. it would help to give me lots of motivation. I'm so rubbish at sticking to diets and if I don't notice diets working within the first few days I tend to give up which is completely stupid because I know that diets aren't miracle workers and I can't expect to be a thin goddess straight away!

I'm only going to do a weekly diet update if you guys want me to though so if you guys would like to see it please please please comment below! 

Grace x


  1. I know what you mean! I really want to start eating better too. :)

  2. Im doing the same as well!! Eating only things that God intended us to consume! :] I feel super fit already! :] Good luck! :]

  3. Good luck on getting healthy! I'm similarly trying to eat better at the moment (check out some of my recent posts detailing my efforts!) although not trying to lose any weight. Just want to get fit and healthy! I already feel so much better for it! Good luck xxx

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  4. This is something I am really interested in! I've been trying to start a diet for months I just can't find the motivation to stick to it! So I'm going to watch with great anticipation. Goodluck my dear! And the best advice I can give you. Don't let others sway you off your plan, that's where I go wrong! Xxx

  5. go for it! blogging should be about what you want to blog about!
    I'm sure there are many people thinking the same thing (university has not done me great in regards to healthy eating) x

  6. Best of luck with your new healthy eating :D

  7. same here!! life is so hectic for me that i end up eating all sorts of junk!! but now because of you im planning on this kinda change :) great blog :) im your new follower do check out my blog i hope you'll follow back

  8. I would love to see it :)
    Im trying too, you might inspire me!

  9. I would love to see this so that I can steal some tips!
    Good luck xx

  10. Good luck! I'm doing this too. It's winter here, so I'm determined to get in shape for summer!

  11. Good luck! Lol. I love the picture.


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  12. Wauw good luck girl! Don't give up :) Healthy eating is soo important

  13. good luck! i should also give eating healthy a go, it might make my skin look a little better :-)

  14. Definitely post more about this! I'm currently on a diet.. again.. trading cookies and chocolate for smoothies and fruits is tough! D:

    Good luck


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