Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mollie King inspired Face of the Day.

OH 'IYA! I was browsing the internet earlier and came across this beauty of a picture of the gorgeous Mollie King. I'm a massive fan of Mollie King, she always looks so glam! I decided that I was going to try and recreate this look...note, i said try. 

I'm a bit disappointed really because it looked so so much better in real life than it does on camera! Definitely doesn't look as striking as Mollie's look here, I think my cheeks need a little more blusher if I'm honest but I couldn't go out the house looking too flushed! 

So here's what I used;

Technic "Prime it" Face Primer
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation in Ivory
Rimmel Match Perfection Powder in Ivory
Natural Collection Golden Glow Bronzer
Natural Collection Sweet Cheeks Blusher

Elf Everyday Brights Eyeshadow Palette
MUA Shade 17 Eyeshadow
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Black
Rimmel Day to Night Mascara in Black

Beauty UK Lipstick in Candy
MUA Lipgloss in Shade 5

What do you think of the look then? Are there any celebrity looks you'd like me to recreate? Leave them below and i'll give them a try!

Grace x


  1. you did a great job! mollie king always looks so gorgeous


  2. aww you have the eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen! i just got mine a few weeks ago! isn't it just fab haha i love it!

  3. Thankyou Tamara! I know, she's beaaaautiful! xx

    Yep Lozzii! I love it! It's amazing and stays on for ages don't you reckon? xx

  4. You did a great job here, you look lovely! Mollie is such an inspiration isn't she! xx

  5. yeah Grace it's the best eyeliner i've ever had! normally i get liqud ones because i always have winged eyeliner but this is perfect, it comes on really thick yet doesn't smudge everywhere when you move your eye like liquid eyeliner does because it's dry but it's not all crayon like kohl! kind of like a felt tip for your eyes haha!

  6. Mollie is so stunning! Great recreation, you look lovely! x

  7. you look lovely! mollie is a beaut! whats the collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation like? i use the concealer and i literally love it. also, the technic face primer? haha sorry for the questions! hope you're well! xxx

  8. This is so so pwetty.

    Helen, X

  9. Thanks for your comments!

    Bec - it's actually really good sometimes...I have trouble some days because it looks really orange but other days it looks perfect! it's quite annoying! and the primer is super! Blog post on that coming up soon :) xx

  10. Thanks for writing back! I tried the foundation yesterday in Superdrug but weren't too sure on the shades! Where's the primer rom? Can't wait for the next post. xxx

  11. the eyes look really lovely!
    do you mind me asking where you bough the primer? i've been after a cheap primer for a while now! xo

  12. I love this look! Your eyes stand out so much.. they look really great.

    xo katie elizabeth

  13. Your hair is lush!! You look fab x

  14. Your eyelashes pop! I'm really going to try to get mine like that! :)


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