Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I love you, I love you, I love you,,,

So sorry for the lack of posts recently! My life has actually been a little bit hectic. I've even stopped using Twitter which I thought would never ever happen! Shocking. Thanks for sticking with my blog even though I've been neglecting it as of late but I promise, I'm turning it around now!

On Saturday, My Aunty got married as some of you might already know because of my panicking on Twitter about not finding a dress. EEEK! I managed to find a lovely one from Miss Selfridge though for only £33.

 I didn't actually get any full length pictures of me in the dress, mainly because the house was so hectic with everybody getting ready that I barely got a chance to look in a decent mirror! I do love the dress but because it kept falling down I had to pull it up loaaaads and it's actually ripped a bit just below my boobs. Bit gutted really but I can't complain too much.

Anyway, I'm gonna upload a few pictures of the big day now.

 These pictures really do not do the day justice at all! So sorry about my rubbishy iphone! Usually I can take amazing pictures but these are dreadful. Anyway, you can basically get the point. The first picture is my Aunty and now Uncle with both sets of parents, the next is my nervous Uncle to be waiting for the Bride at the registry office and the next is of me and my sister. Just cause I love posing and all that.

So that's my wedding Face of the Day! I hate how hot the day was although the sun was shining just because my makeup actually melted off. I wasn't impressed at all. The next is me and my bestest friend in the whole wide world drinking a bit of rose wine, love wine, especially when it's free wine. The next picture is of the hall, it looked so much prettier in real life! I wish you were all there to see it.

The first dance! Awww! It was to the song Lady - Kenny Rogers. I've never actually heard of it before this but they were both massively fond of it. My mum actually made that wedding cake. How good is that?! She did say it was a nightmare though and she's never ever making one again. She just can't handle the pressure. The next is of me and my Sister's best friend posing again.
You might want to look away now but these two were obviously feeling the romance...

YUCK! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these photos! I will definitely get my giveaway up soon just waiting for a few more bits to arrive and then it'll be up and running! I can't wait. Thanks to everyone who follows my blog, I genuinely appreciate you all.
Grace x


  1. Awh you look gorgeous! Lovely pictures xx

  2. Looks like a lovely day and you look very pretty :) xx

  3. Love the dress!! Seems like it was a lovely wedding x

  4. Yuor dress is lovely and you look gorgeous in your pics. Looks like a fab day. xx

  5. Beautiful dress & your make up is gorgeous!
    R. x - Beauty She Writes

  6. You look lovely hun, love the dress. Pics are fab!!

    Sadie xx

  7. I love your dress!
    I hope the day was still fun, even though it was hetic, the brides dress is beautiful :) xxx

  8. Aw, beautiful photographs! Got to love a good wedding. x

  9. You looked gorgeous and your aunt's dress is stunning! Hope you had a great day lovely xxx

  10. Looks like a lovely wedding & the dress is gorgeous

  11. You look so pretty, and both dresses are gorgeous!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  12. Aaaaw, looks like soo much fun! Please could you check out my blog as ive just changed my URL and name!!

  13. Your hair is so pretty!!xx


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