Saturday, 27 August 2011

you're turning heads when you walk through the door...

HIYAAA! Sorry I haven't blogged in absolutely ages, I just haven't been able to find the time but I'm back for a while now to bore you with some really cool posts. Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway by the way. I tweeted the winner so well done to you!

I thought I'd share some pictures I've taken recently. It's not a week in pictures this time because they weren't all taken in a week. Probably more over a month but everybody bums an easy read don't they? :)

I took this a few weeks back whilst casually sunbathing on my trampoline. I'm a bit gutted Summer is basically  over but I absolutely cannot wait to get all cosy in snuggly clothing and UGG's again! It's not like we had much of a Summer anyway.

These are probably two of my cutest pictures on my phone! My little brother is a right poser, we were taking loads of pictures and he said  "shall we do one of those ones that Charlotte and Jemma do and kiss eachother on the cheek?". Obviously I couldn't say no! The next picture is of my little cousin Izzy when she came for a sleepover at our house. She actually is the cutest little girl ever and she lets me plait her hair and give her makeovers. What a winner.

Haha! How cute are these?! My mum went on a little holiday and bought back these plates of rock! They're actually so gorgeous to look at but the thought of eating them makes me want to be sick. They taste so vile but the novelty is amazing!

I was just on the computer the other day when i heard a noise, looked behind me and my sister and her boyfriend had decided to scare me with these! I was actually well freaked out at first! Wouldn't you be too though?!

I thought I'd share someone who's a bit special to me with my bloggers! This is my new boyfriend! He's actually really lovely and makes me super happy so he deserves a bit of a mention. He even lets me fake tan him which is my favourite thing ever. I love boys that fake tan. 

Boys love St Moriz too! 

Do other girls like kebab meat and chips too?! I actually love it as a cheeky treat with mayo and chilli sauce. Am I a girl or a boy?! Haha. Thought I'd throw in a silly picture of me and my sister getting ready to go to work because I know how much she loves seeing her face on my blog. Hope she likes my choice of picture. Hahaha.

Sorry if my pictures have been a little boring! I literally haven't been upto anything remarkable recently apart from working! It's my birthday on Friday so I'll hopefully have lots of cool things to blog about after that! :)

Thanks for reading!

Grace x


  1. How beautiful picutres!!! And just for the record my love for kebab is sick! ;) xxx

  2. Lovely pictures :) Iv never tried a kebab :D

  3. Awh such lovely photos!
    I want the plates of rock haha xx

  4. Those plates of rock are cute, i hate kebab, the whole meat on a stick all day and stuff puts me off :)
    Lucy x

  5. awww love the pics of you and your boyfriend - you make a real cute couple.

  6. Nice little group of pictures!
    Your plait looks so perfect!


  7. Hey honey, your brother and cousin are adorable!
    And you and your new man make a really cute couple :) happy for ya!

  8. How does your fishtail braid look so perfect??? how did you do it?

    I'm so excited to have won your giveaway, let me know when you've posted it and i'll keep an eye out for the postman!!

  9. Great pics! Love Kebab, haha!

  10. haha those rocks are too cool

  11. Actually love all your photos hun ha-ha :) the sun looks fab! The little ones are such cuties and you look gorge :)



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