Friday, 21 October 2011

How to: Yummy Chocolate Truffles!

I'm really not much of a domestic goddess at all. I can barely make a pot noodle properly but today I made these little beauties! They really don't look as yummy as they look but they're actually so so nice! I promise that if you make them, you will LOVE them and they're the easiest thing ever to make!

Here's what you'll need!

  • Three packets of Oreo's although you'll only need to use two and a half.
  • Cream Cheese (any will do, doesn't have to be Philadelphia)
  • Two bars of Milk Chocolate 
  • White chocolate Stars (not necessary, I just think they look cuter!)

Take your oreos (two and a half packets worth) and put them into a large bowl and just break them into as many little pieces as you can. 

When I first made these, I was horrified at the thought of chocolate and cream cheese being mixed together! I thought it'd be a total disaster but it is actually amazing! I promise! Mix your cream cheese with your oreos with your hands.  It's really messy but it's definitely worth it! Try a little bit of the mixture and see whether you like it now ;) You should get something that looks like the above picture, a sort of play dough consistency.

Make little balls like this out of your mixture! They don't have to be perfect because well, that'd just be too hard to do! Then place them in the freezer for about 10 minutes to just harden up.

Whilst your balls are hardening up (OMG SOUNDS SO BAD! SORRY! HAHA!) in the freezer, melt your milk chocolate on the hob, or the microwave but I find it tastes better off the hob for some reason.

Get your truffles out of the freezer and coat them in chocolate! You'll find that by putting them in the freezer, they'll be cold and easier to manage in the chocolate.  

Pop the truffle on the plate and add your decoration. You don't have to add the decoration.  I'm making mine for my Sister's 18th Birthday and I just think it's a nice little touch. 

The plate gets so messy! 99.9% of you will be a lot neater than me though I expect.  I'm awful at neatness. 
Place your truffles in the fridge and let them set for about 2/3 hours and they're ready to eat! 

You'll end up with something like this! How yummy do they look?! Remember to keep your truffles in the fridge when you're not munching them otherwise they'll go off and melt! 

Do let me know if you liked this and whether you want more easy little recipes from me! Do you think you'll give these a try?

Grace x


  1. i love the look of these, i may have to make some for my sister! :)

  2. They look and sound so delicious! I think I'm going to give them a go this weekend :) xx

  3. Whilst your balls are hardening up bahahahahahahaha. You crack me up Grace! So going to try this recipe at some point this week. Tooo yum! xx

  4. i like easy recipes :) this is nice

  5. I've made these before they are so yummy but very filling! :)


  6. Wow these look amazing!

    I'll have to give these a try some time - I love baking/food posts :) would be great to see more xx

  7. these look so tasty! whilst your balls are hardening hahaha :') good to know someone else is as childish as me and laughs at that! xxx

  8. ooooh they look great, I'll have to give those a try ^_^

  9. oh wow, they look amazing! xx

  10. They look very yummy! I'll have to try these, I sometimes make my own, very different to this.
    Lucy x

  11. What a fab idea! I love little recipe posts mixed in on beauty blogs =) By the way, sorry if I'm terribly late in saying this, but I love your new layout xx

  12. ooohh they look delicious! I'm going to give them a try!!! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  13. ok my face is melting off at the screen while looking at the pics no joke xD LOVELY post, definitely gonna try this :) xx

  14. Yay! These look so scrummy I'm totally trying these. I love baking posts on blogs, you should try these too :) They are the most fun things ever.

  15. Thanks for your comment :)
    Oh wow, so sinful but they look delicious! *drool* L x


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