Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hiya you beautiful bunch! I was recently sent two lovely items from Prezzybox.  Prezzybox has an absolutely fantastic range of gifts for every occasion for her, him and for children too.  I think I could literally do all of my christmas shopping on their website because the range is that good but i'm not going to because I actually enjoy getting stressed out searching every shop for the perfect Christmas presents!

Anyway, this is the one of the products I was sent and for me, it's the most exciting!

Apologies for the grainy picture, it was night time and I was just too excited to not rip open the parcel.  I couldn't wait 'til the morning.  Doesn't everyone do that?! I love the prezzybox packaging.  Anything pink is a winner for me and the box is extremely good quality! I quite want to keep it.

If you couldn't see the Lip Gloss Heaven label then you'd think they were actual chocolates wouldn't you? When I was taking a picture of them my boyfriend actually asked whether I was going to eat them now or just save them to review for my blog. HAHA! They are beautifully packaged and the little chocolates look exactly like chocolates.  They even have little wrappers! I love the amount of detail put into these little beauties!

Oh my god, looking at them is making me crave some chocolate! They just look so real! I was most impressed with the packaging that I didn't even care what the product itself was like and wasn't expecting much if i'm honest.  I was so so so wrong.  Each flavour smells exactly like it's name. They are so amazing! The rose swirl smells identical to the strawberry cream chocolates you get in Roses chocolates and the Praline Princess, which is definitely my favourite, reminds me of the smell you smell just as soon as you walk in to Costa Coffee. They make my mouth water.

Here's what they look like inside, from left to right: Mocha Choca, Rose Swirl, Praline Princess and Vanilla Fancy.  They smell so out of this world delicious when they're all opened at the same time, imagine a cocktail of the nicest chocolates ever.  That's what they smell like.  The lipglosses themselves are  all clear, don't be fooled by the brown colours! I would love to say how long their staying power is but I can't go about 10 minutes without licking them off. They taste divine!

I'd say that these are the perfect match for a chocoholic like me! They aren't really for somebody that hasn't got a sweet tooth because they're just so strong and overwhelmingly chocolatey.  Lip Gloss Heaven retails at a bargain price of £7.95.  For four chocolate flavoured, quirky lip glosses with beautiful packaging i'm sure you'll agree that this is more than reasonable.  They make a perfect gift for someone who has everything!

If the lip glosses aren't for you then I'd recommend you still pop over to Prezzybox and I assure that there'll be something that takes your fancy! You can also follow Prezzybox on Twitter and Facebook where they're constantly giving away fantastic prizes and if you like the Facebook page you also get a 10% off discount code!

Let me know what you think! Have the lip glosses made your mouth water?!

Grace x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas Gifts for under £10!

With Christmas fast approaching we're all on the hunt for the perfect gift for our loved ones.  I'm going to be doing weekly instalments where I pick out some of my favourite Christmas buys.  Each week will be a different budget and this weeks is gifts for under a tenner! :)

For your friend/sister/girlfriend...
Accessorize Nail Wardrobe £9.99Cross Over Links Ring £8.50Microwavable Cosy Pig £9.99Star Print Slipper Boot £8.99Stud Earrings £8.00Colour Block Clutch Bag £8.00Tea Party Purse £8.00Nail Rock Nail Wraps £6.50Vaseline Lip Tin £6.99Models Own Crackle Polishes £10Owl Hand Cream £6.00Chocolate Face Mask £1.99Lady Gaga Dress Up Book £6.99Cadbury Dairy Milk 1kg £5.99

There are also lots of handmade jewellery gifts that would be really unique and special.  There are tons on ebay, just give them a search :)

For your boyfriend/brother/friend...

You could also get a personalised gift.  You just need to google personalised gifts and a whole range of items will come up :) 

Let me know if you like this little feature! Have I gave you any gift ideas?! Hope so!

Grace x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The most beautiful ring my eyes have ever seen.

I literally cannot pass up the chance to blog about this ring.  It's honestly so so so gorgeous! Usually i'm not really drawn into silver jewellery or things with skulls on but this is a complete different matter. 

Meet my newest, most beautiful piece of jewellery! 

This ring is from an online store called IKandi.  IKandi sell a number of different things, most of which are luxe jewellery.  One of the main attractions for me is that all of the jewellery is so glamourous.  I love the fact it's all sparkly and seriously girly.  I also massively love that IKandi is worn by various celebrities, some of which include Amy Childs and Chloe Simms - our favourite TOWIE babes!

My Skull ring came beautifully packaged in this little organza bag.  I don't know why but packaging is always a big thing for me.  I like to think that companies put the effort in and really appreciate the fact that you are purchasing from them.  IKandi do just that.  

As some of you might have guessed ;) this ring retails at £12 which I think is a really reasonable price for a ring as gorgeous as this.  You can't deny it's gorgeous can you?! I think this'd make a really nice gift for a glamourous, girly friend, sister, cousin etc. I think I may be ordering a few christmas gifts for my sister's from IKandi.  (I pray to god that they don't read this! EEEEK!)

It's available for any finger sizes as the bands are actually elasticated bits of metal.  Well, not exactly but you get what I'm trying to say right?! They're stretchy and I think they'd even fit a mans finger! 

I've added this little video just so you can really see how beautiful this ring is in the light from different angles.  Prepare to be amaaaaazed! (extra a's for dramatic effect)

I think it's worth a try to have a little look at IKandi if you're looking for a unique gift for somebody this Christmas or even just for a cheeky little treat for yourself! You can contact Ikandi on Twitter or Facebook (click the links to go straight to their pages!)

Let me know what you think of my newest piece of jewellery! Sorry if you've already seen it on Twitter or Instagram, I just need to show it off! aaaah! I'm in love!

Grace x

Fantasy Shopper Prize provided by More! Magazine!

I'm so excited to be writing this post! I've been impatiently waiting for this for what feels like forever but in reality is only two weeks! Haha! As many of you may know, I have a slight addiction to Fantasy Shopper. Two fridays ago, Fantasy Shopper held an event for you to design a Katy Perry inspired outfit and supplied a prize by More! Magazine.

My entry was this:

I ONLY WENT AND WON! YAY! I didn't think I'd win at all but i'm so so so happy that I did! Thanks to everyone who voted for me, you made me super happy!

Now it's time for the best bit, the prizes!

A MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to Fantasy Shopper, More! magazine and of course, the people that voted for my outfit to win. :)

Grace x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fragrance Direct Order.

Many of you will probably have heard of Fragrance Direct already.  I've probably been ordering from this site for about two years now and can not fault this company in the slightest.  My order always arrives quickly, takes anything between 2-3 days which is really impressive and my orders have always been perfect.  

Fragrance Direct is my one stop shop for cheap cosmetics and perfumes.  There prices are phenomenal and every item is one hundred percent genuine. If you're on a budget and looking for Christmas gifts then I'd say that this is definitely a website to check out! 

Here's what I ordered... 

Kylie Minogue Sexy Darling £5.99 - I got this perfume for Christmas off my best friend last year and I fell in love with it.  It's a really sickly sweet scent and reminds me of the Britney Spears perfume.  I don't particularly care that it's by Kylie Minogue because the scent is so gorgeous. I can't believe it's only £5.99 because it's usually £19.50! Get yours now! 

Revlon Lipstick in Pink Pout £2.99 - DUPE ALERT! This is a perfect dupe for MAC's Snob! This lipstick retails at £7.49 and Fragrance Direct are selling it at £2.99! That's an amazing saving.  I think I'm going to get my sister's one of these for Christmas! 

Revlon Nail Varnish in Lunar £1.75 - £1.75 for a Revlon nail varnish is like, my dream come true.  How can anybody deny how good that is?! Haha! This should be £4.99.  I'm always totes shocked (i just actually wrote totes and i'm not correcting it) at how good the prices are from Fragrance Direct!

Will any of you be making a cheeky order? Let me know what you got.  I'd also love to hear your experiences with Fragrance Direct.  I can't be the only one that massively loves this website! 

Grace x 

ELF order & Mystery Box!

I ordered my ELF order about 9 days ago and it's actually been delivered today! YAY! I was beginning to think that the Postman was hoarding my mail because I hadn't received anything in absolutely ages.  

I received an email from ELF advertising a "mystery box".  Basically, you had to spend over £10 to be able to qualify for the mystery box in which was £10 worth of products.  Obviously being the bargainista and makeup hoarder that I am, I couldn't possibly refuse! 

First of all, I thought i'd just say that I can't believe how much packaging ELF actually waste on their products but I do think it's a nice touch! It must be so expensive! 

High Definition Powder £6 - I've wanted to try this for a while.  I always used to brush by it since it was £6 and everything else was so cheap on ELF but after much debating I decided to pick it up.  Can't wait to try it.  Have any of you used it?

Brush Shampoo £3.50 - I'm going to admit that I rarely ever clean my brushes! I'm hoping that this will encourage me to wash them more.  This is the first brush shampoo i've ever bought! Naughty Grace!

Nail Polish in Smoky Brown £1.50 - I'm a bit disappointed with this really.  The colour looked a lot lighter on the website but i'll still use it! I do love ELF's nail polish's.

This was the part that I was most excited about! The Mystery Box! AAAAH! It felt like Christmas Eve! Here's what was inside... 

I got these three nail varnishes; Twinkle, Metal Madness and Smoky Brown £1.50 each. I'm a bit gutted that I got another smoky brown after I ordered one! How's that for coincidence?! I'm more than happy with the other two though especially Twinkle because it looks so gorgeous.  Metal Madness may be my Christmas day nail varnish. 

Bamboo Concealer Brush £5.50 - I'm so happy I got this! I've wanted to try a Bamboo brush for ages and this feels super soft! I think i'm going to see how it holds out for a couple of weeks and then maybe put the whole brush set on my Christmas list! 

All in all, I'm generally happy with my order! Particularly the mystery box! Did any of you order the mystery box? Let me know what you got inside! 

Grace x 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I find myself constantly struggling with my hair.  It's just full of knots all of the time! The knots are mostly by neck at the back of my hair and are such a massive pain to detangle! I'd say that my average detangling sessions last about an hour and a half.  If I included breaks and shouting and the occasional cry it'd be so much longer.  Haha!  How shocking is that?!

ANYWAY! I was in Boots on Sunday browsing the hair section when I came across Tangle Teezer.  

I had seen this a lot on twitter as tangle teezer do run giveaways quite frequently.  On first thoughts I thought that £10.20 for a piece of plastic was insane and i'm not going to lie, I was sceptical about trying it. I thought that it was just a bigger version of a comb but oh my gosh, how wrong was I?! 

I am never going back to brushing my hair with a regular brush ever again.  This is the only thing I'll use from now on.  I'm certain of it! It actually makes brushing my hair enjoyable rather than gritting my teeth with my watery eyes!  I don't know how this manages to provide such a pain free experience just by having the little plastic teeth whatsoever but I'm not complaining because I absolutely love it.  I think this is literally my product of the entire year! 

I do think that £10.20 is quite expensive for a plastic brush but it means less pain, less time and I use a lot less conditioner now too.  It really is the best £10.20 I have ever spent and I'm sure it'll continue to be my favourite brush in the whole wide world ever.

I've found this seller on ebay that sells a wide variety of Tangle Teezers for £8.99 with free delivery which is definitely worth getting if you want to save yourself a few pennies! 

Grace x

Disappointing Products #1

Hi everyone! Hope you're all okay.  Today's post is going to be about products that I find disappointing if you hadn't already guessed from the title! Haha.  I don't know about you, but for me, when a blogger mentions a product that's amazing I always rush out to buy it.  Sometimes the product lives up to my expectations and sometimes it really doesn't...

Bourjois Bronzing Powder
I've seen endless amounts of bloggers and youtubers raving about this product.  I'm quite late in getting it actually but when I saw it on sale for £3.99 I thought I'd pick it up.  On taking it home and trying to swatch it on my hand I couldn't believe it!  I rubbed my finger along the bronzer about three times and swatched it on my hand and it looked like there was nothing on there at all! You could slightly see the bronzer if you looked really really closely.  Considering this is around £8.00 (i think) normally I would honestly say this is a right rip off.

ELF Makeup Mist & Set
My estimations of ELF are going down quite a bit lately.  I've placed an order that should hopefully come tomorrow fingers crossed but it's taken about 9 days already!  Anyway, this product is absolutely horrific! I sprayed it on my face and literally thought I was going to die.  It stings so much and definitely don't get it in your eyes, your makeup will run and you will cry.

MUA Liquid Eyeliner
First of all, as everyone probably knows this is only a pound, £1! I'm rarely disappointed in MUA products and this is the exception.  The nib of the eyeliner is really hard and scratchy and really digs into my eyelids making them horribly sore.  Once the eyeliner is on it wears off and peels pretty quickly.

Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation
I've been really impressed with Collection 2000's foundations and concealers in the past so thought I'd give this one a go when I saw it on offer for £3.99 in Tesco a few weeks ago.  It's meant to adapt to your skin colour but for me it was seriously orange! No amount of pressed powder could cover up how orange I looked.  I also think the coverage is pretty bad, it made my skin look really uneven.

Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara
I couldn't wait to try this mascara! I love the idea of having a big brush.  A big brush instantly means more volume to me.  This mascara looks okay on top of a mascara just for volumising your lashes but on it's own it's useless! The consistency just sticks all of my eyelashes together into one which isn't a very pretty look! The lashes are impossible to separate.  I'd say the formula is almost too runny.

I hope you enjoyed this! I hate that I've wrote a really negative post but I think that sometimes with cosmetics you do need to address the good and the bad.  Plus, it'd be boring if everybody wrote positive reviews!

Thanks for following/reading!  Let me know your thoughts on any of the above products.

Grace x

P.S I've added a "SHOP!" page to my blog above so have a little peek and see if there's anything you like!