Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Disappointing Products #1

Hi everyone! Hope you're all okay.  Today's post is going to be about products that I find disappointing if you hadn't already guessed from the title! Haha.  I don't know about you, but for me, when a blogger mentions a product that's amazing I always rush out to buy it.  Sometimes the product lives up to my expectations and sometimes it really doesn't...

Bourjois Bronzing Powder
I've seen endless amounts of bloggers and youtubers raving about this product.  I'm quite late in getting it actually but when I saw it on sale for £3.99 I thought I'd pick it up.  On taking it home and trying to swatch it on my hand I couldn't believe it!  I rubbed my finger along the bronzer about three times and swatched it on my hand and it looked like there was nothing on there at all! You could slightly see the bronzer if you looked really really closely.  Considering this is around £8.00 (i think) normally I would honestly say this is a right rip off.

ELF Makeup Mist & Set
My estimations of ELF are going down quite a bit lately.  I've placed an order that should hopefully come tomorrow fingers crossed but it's taken about 9 days already!  Anyway, this product is absolutely horrific! I sprayed it on my face and literally thought I was going to die.  It stings so much and definitely don't get it in your eyes, your makeup will run and you will cry.

MUA Liquid Eyeliner
First of all, as everyone probably knows this is only a pound, £1! I'm rarely disappointed in MUA products and this is the exception.  The nib of the eyeliner is really hard and scratchy and really digs into my eyelids making them horribly sore.  Once the eyeliner is on it wears off and peels pretty quickly.

Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation
I've been really impressed with Collection 2000's foundations and concealers in the past so thought I'd give this one a go when I saw it on offer for £3.99 in Tesco a few weeks ago.  It's meant to adapt to your skin colour but for me it was seriously orange! No amount of pressed powder could cover up how orange I looked.  I also think the coverage is pretty bad, it made my skin look really uneven.

Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara
I couldn't wait to try this mascara! I love the idea of having a big brush.  A big brush instantly means more volume to me.  This mascara looks okay on top of a mascara just for volumising your lashes but on it's own it's useless! The consistency just sticks all of my eyelashes together into one which isn't a very pretty look! The lashes are impossible to separate.  I'd say the formula is almost too runny.

I hope you enjoyed this! I hate that I've wrote a really negative post but I think that sometimes with cosmetics you do need to address the good and the bad.  Plus, it'd be boring if everybody wrote positive reviews!

Thanks for following/reading!  Let me know your thoughts on any of the above products.

Grace x

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  1. i love the bourjois bronzer ! mainly because it's not really pigmented because it looks natural on me because i'm really pale so maybe it works better for paler people or people who prefer a more natural finish?

  2. Aw no I love the bourjois bronzer! I have to be really careful I don't apply too much actually, how odd!

    Its good seeing experiences people have with makeup though, not everything can be good!


  3. I really enjoy reading posts like this as so many products are raved about but rarely hear negative reviews. That set and mist sounds horrible, must stay away from that! My chocolate bronzer is really pigmented, maybe you had a dodgy one? :S X

  4. REALLY?! All of your bourjois bronzers are good? I'm well gutted now then. Maybe mine is a dodgy one. I've just swatched it again really hard and I've managed to get a little bit of product but it's bright orange :s strange! xx

  5. I love the bronzer too haha xx but glad you said about that mascara I've been tempted to buy it for few weeks but hadn't seen a review think i'll not bother now xx

  6. Agree on the brozer, infact mine makes me look orange, its blotchy and does not blend!!

  7. I'm glad that people put up bad reviews it is a refreshing change, and stops me from buying yet more stuff... I saw the ad for the mascara today but will stay away now, stick with what I know haha xxxx

  8. I enjoyed reading this post. I only have to say that there was something wrong with your Bourjois bronzer as mine leaves a lovely colour payoff. Maybe you should go to a counter and give it a try another time :) xx


  9. +1 on the mascara. I got it last Friday and I was DYING to try it - it's horrible!!!! It clumped all my lashes together and looked like crap. Boo Rimmel :(

  10. That sucks about the ELF setting spray, I was planning on getting it when I order next but will give it a miss now!! Great post, super honest!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  11. Good to read and I'm glad it's not just me that found the MUA eyeliner less than brilliant! (Although for £1, I didn't mind too much - but their products are usually so fab!)

    :) x

  12. see i have the bronzer and have no problems butttt i have shade 51 cause i'm paler, plus i have the setting spray and found it quite helpful, feels rank when you spray it but i've been using a different technique i saw on makeupalley.com which was to spray it BEFORE your foundation but after your primer, makes the primer stay which helps the rest stay! try it!

  13. I love posts like this, I find them so useful and interesting! x

  14. I love the idea of this post, great way to warn people off awful products! I really dislike Collection 2000 foundations, they always seem so thick! xxx

  15. i have the bronzer and really like it. i use it to contour so i wouldn't want a really pigmented or shimmery bronzer for that. it's not pigmented enough to use it for anything else though. i've also got the ELF mist, i like it minus the fact that it STINK. so off putting. x

  16. Everytime i see the bourjois bronzer i think its chocolate. The ELF mist and set is THE worst product ever, I sprayed it on my face and it practically melted my make up and its smells horrible! XX

  17. Totally agree on the bourjois one. Utter crap. No payoff and gets worse the more you use it! xx

  18. I am so glad now that I didn't pick up that Collection 2000 foundation the other day! I was actually worried about that. Great post :)

  19. thanks for heads up! ahh I was actually thinking about getting this bronzing powder because it smells so delicious!


  20. I wasnt that impressed with the make up mist and set from ELF either!! I found it made my skin look REALLY greasy and oily and my eye make up ran down my face! Not cool.

    I also got the MUA eyeliner ages ago, I used it once and then threw it away cos it was so awful! :( xx

  21. so glad i'm not the only one who hates the bourjois bronzer!! xo

  22. I love the mascara, i tried different 'techniques' and the results were amazing, first time i hated it, now i love it, thick, curled, volumed lashes every time!

    Lucy xx

  23. Aww I'm sorry you didn't like the Bourjois Bronzing Powder, there's so much rave about it, I would have loved to try it!


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