Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ELF order & Mystery Box!

I ordered my ELF order about 9 days ago and it's actually been delivered today! YAY! I was beginning to think that the Postman was hoarding my mail because I hadn't received anything in absolutely ages.  

I received an email from ELF advertising a "mystery box".  Basically, you had to spend over £10 to be able to qualify for the mystery box in which was £10 worth of products.  Obviously being the bargainista and makeup hoarder that I am, I couldn't possibly refuse! 

First of all, I thought i'd just say that I can't believe how much packaging ELF actually waste on their products but I do think it's a nice touch! It must be so expensive! 

High Definition Powder £6 - I've wanted to try this for a while.  I always used to brush by it since it was £6 and everything else was so cheap on ELF but after much debating I decided to pick it up.  Can't wait to try it.  Have any of you used it?

Brush Shampoo £3.50 - I'm going to admit that I rarely ever clean my brushes! I'm hoping that this will encourage me to wash them more.  This is the first brush shampoo i've ever bought! Naughty Grace!

Nail Polish in Smoky Brown £1.50 - I'm a bit disappointed with this really.  The colour looked a lot lighter on the website but i'll still use it! I do love ELF's nail polish's.

This was the part that I was most excited about! The Mystery Box! AAAAH! It felt like Christmas Eve! Here's what was inside... 

I got these three nail varnishes; Twinkle, Metal Madness and Smoky Brown £1.50 each. I'm a bit gutted that I got another smoky brown after I ordered one! How's that for coincidence?! I'm more than happy with the other two though especially Twinkle because it looks so gorgeous.  Metal Madness may be my Christmas day nail varnish. 

Bamboo Concealer Brush £5.50 - I'm so happy I got this! I've wanted to try a Bamboo brush for ages and this feels super soft! I think i'm going to see how it holds out for a couple of weeks and then maybe put the whole brush set on my Christmas list! 

All in all, I'm generally happy with my order! Particularly the mystery box! Did any of you order the mystery box? Let me know what you got inside! 

Grace x 


  1. i got a mystery box but wasn't really happy with what i got! I got 2 nail polishes in Twinkle & Golden Goddess, a shimmer eye pencil in Plum Passion and the Bamboo Foundation brush, I don't really use nail polish that much and the foundation brush i already have so I'm gonna keep golden goddess polish and the eye pencil and give the other 2 away as xmas presents!

  2. Good idea Lozzii! Have you tried Golden Goddess yet? What's it like? xx

  3. its pretty but both golden goddess and twinkle are better as top coats, they're not very pigmented! golden goddess is more sparkly though which is good but its clear D:

  4. OH wow your order looks almost exactly the same as mine - i also got the brush shampoo, the nail polish in smokey brown, and i als got the same as what Lozzi got in her mystery box.


  5. I used to spend so much money on Elf but I haven't been impressed with it as much these days X

  6. I was wondering what would be in that box!

  7. I NEED to make an ELf order pronto, I keep seeing hauls and I'm jealous haha plus free gifts! what a winner! <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  8. Twinkle looks lovely.
    I use the HD powder and love it! I ran out recently and bought 17's sheer loose powder instead but my skin gets greasy so much sooner with that than it did with the HD powder, must re-buy! x

  9. i'm selling the HD powder on my blog sale because It didn't do anything for me! it made me go very ghosty and took off my concealer it didn't make it set :(

  10. I'm still waiting my orders...I'm so curious!!! What will I find in my mystery boxes????? *_*

  11. Ooooh you got some lovely items, I wasn't impressed with my £10 mystery box at all, I already had the nail varnish, I don't use eyeliner and a browbrush that I'll never use, so these have all gone in the bottom drawer and may be in a giveaway on my blog, but for free I shouldn't really complain! xxx


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