Monday, 26 December 2011


Hi everyone! Hope you all had an amazing christmas, got lots of lovely presents and ate until you couldn't move! I thought I'd do an obligatory 'what I got for Christmas' post.  I had a fantastic christmas and spent christmas eve and christmas day with my family and today i've spent the day with my boyfriends family.  I hate that christmas day is now over and we have to wait another 365 days for it to come round (it's a leap year) again. :(

I got lots of lovely presents, a cardigan i've wanted for ages, pyjamas and some money for the sales too. I'm very pleased with everything I got. What did you get for Christmas?

Grace x

Friday, 9 December 2011

Boring Hair Saviours!

If you're anything like me and consider your hair one of your favourite things then you're going to like this post.  Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing some beautiful hair extensions.  Since I have pretty long hair already I wouldn't say I particularly need extensions for the length but I am crazy about volume! I hate my hair looking flat and I'd often spend forever backcombing and trying every potion going that promises to give me more volume so that's where these come in handy...

This little baby is a Clip in Hair Piece from a website called Undercover Glamour.  Undercover Glamour particularly specialise in hair extensions and sell a range of other items such as breast enhancers, strapless bras, false eyelashes and handbag hooks! Basically everything "undercover".   My clip in hair piece is in the shade Golden Blonde.  I was a little worried at first that it wouldn't match my hair colour because my hair is quite a light blonde although underneath my hair, it's a little darker!  You can actually wear the hair piece in different colours to add a flash of colour to your hair a la Christina Aguilera but I thought i'd try to match mine to my actual hair colour.

For only £14.99, I was absolutely blown away by the price.  For 18 inches of 100% human hair you cannot ask for more.  I'm not a massive expert when it comes to hair extensions but i've done a fair bit of research and this is a ridiculously good price.  In fact my Mum recently bought some extensions for £20 and they were horrid.  Completely fake hair and just wouldn't curl/straighten at all because they were so synthetic.  This clip in hair piece on the other hand does everything I want it to.  I've straightened, curled and even plaited it.  The hair is easy to brush and doesn't shed.  It's extremely easy to use too, if you're not a hair extension expert like me then don't be put off.  All you have to do is brush your hair so it's completely tangle free and simply clip the hair extensions in under your actual hair.  I promise that they give serious volume!

Here's another thing i've been converted to - single hair streaks.  For £6.99 you can expect a night of compliments!  I recently wore these in my hair to a family party and got endless compliments on my red streaks.  Everybody thought they were real until I unclipped them at the end of the night.  I must admit these took a right battering.  After taking them out I stupidly put them in my pocket and because they were covered in hairspray they tangled like crazy! Thankfully I managed to unknot them and I'm really surprised that there's actually hair still left. Haha!  I wore both of mine in the same place to give a little colour to my hair.  I never change my hair colour so I think these are a nice refreshing change.  You get a pack of two 100% human hair streaks for £6.99.  Again these are so easy to clip in and curl/straighten/wave like a dream.

I thought I'd show you how I store the extensions too.  I read somewhere that a good way to store them was just to pop them on a trouser hanger so if that was you then thank you! It's a great idea cause I'd hate to get them all knotted by putting them in a drawer or whatever.

Undercover Glamour also stock full sets of hair extensions  for £59.99 and will be expanding their collection in the New Year by adding longer hair extensions.  I fully recommend these to anyone and would never recommend anything unless I honestly really did love it.  Sorry for the pictures too, I have discovered that hair extensions are the most awkward thing in the world to photograph!

What are your thoughts on the extensions? Sorry for such a long post!

Grace x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Christmas Wishlist!

For weeks now my family have been asking me what I want for Christmas so I decided to throw a few things together. Meet my wishlist...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

What have you asked for for Christmas?!

Grace x

P.S I've changed my background to a christmassy one.  Does it look rubbish or do you like it?! 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sharing the love...

Today I've decided that I'm going to share five of my favourite blogs with you.  I've picked bloggers with under 300 followers who are obviously lesser known because I think they just deserve more recognition! Here they are in no particular order...

I am a huge fan of Jess! She's probably one of my favourite tweeters ever and her blog is one of my favourite reads.  Jess's blog hasn't long started but she still has some brilliant posts on there.  She's also a faketanaholic like me so that helps :)

Ashleigh's blog is one of my newest reads. The blog itself is absolutely adorable since Ashleigh is a whiz at  blog design! ASHLLYD is a mix of everything.  Expect product reviews, updates on Ashleigh's life, Weekly pictures posts and even film reviews! Her pictures are always crystal clear and her writing style is addictive.  I think this blog is going to be seriously successful. 

Lauren is such a nice, friendly girl.  I'm always so intrigued by her outfit posts and she updates her blog really frequently.  Laurenella is a mishmash of fashion and beauty and her latest post is really crafty! Check her blog out, I don't think anyone could dislike it.

Faye's latest post has made me mega christmassy! Faye's writing style makes me laugh.  I always find myself having a little chuckle at her pictures or just things she says.  Her personality really shines through on her blog and I think that's such a nice skill to have.

I often find myself lusting over things that Charlotte's posted about especially the OPI nail varnishes and cutesy handmade jewellery! It's evident that Charlotte's really girly and that's a massive plus in my opinion!  When I see she's posted I always rush to read it! 

Also, my boyfriend has just started blogging.  He's literally only just started and only has an introduction at the moment but he will have more posts up very soon! He'd love a few more followers and I promise that his posts won't be too boyish ;) 

Hope you've liked this post.  Hopefully you'll have a few more really good blogs to read now! What are your favourite blogs?

Grace x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's the most beautiful time of the year.

A little life in pictures post for you! I love milky way crispy rolls, found a whole pack in Poundland for a pound obviously ;).  a nice little picture of norwich cathedral.  some chinese food in a box! it was beautiful. flavoured milk! white chocolate is my favourite!  fake snow that I spent ages touching, it looks so real doesn't it?.  a picture of me with curly hair.  I want to wear my hair like this more often.  Me and my boyfriend put up a christmas tree in our bedroom!  We also wrote a few christmas cards.

Grace x

I just can't get enough of ELF.

For some reason I seem to be ridiculously addicted to Eyes Lips Face.  I placed an order not so long ago and placed another one about a week ago because ELF have their new promotion of "12 days of Christmas".  If any of you aren't aware of what this is, ELF are offering 12 different promotions every day for 12 days! The one I chose in particular is was the free gift worth £15 when ordering £15 or more.

Glitter Gloss in Twinkle Pink £3.50, Lipstick in Flirtatious £1.50, Condition Lip Balm in Romantic Rouge £3.50, Complexion Perfection £3.50 and Blush in Pink Passion £3.50.

I am sorry for the horrendous quality of the photos.  I didn't realise how early it started to get dark! EEEP! I haven't tried all of the products just yet but I would say that I have fallen head over heels in love with the Blush.  I think it's going to be one of those things that I just repurchase over and over again.  It's such a gorgeous bright pink that looks amazing with a tan (even if it is fake!)

Seriously cringin' at how bad these pictures are! I'm sorry guys! This was my free gift! ELF Beauty Clutch £15.  At first I was slightly disappointed because I was expecting a few things worth £15 rather than just one big thing but nevertheless I actually quite like it! The eyeshadows are super pigmented, much more than the everyday brights palette I once purchased.  The highlight for me though is how cute the palette is! I love the fact it's shaped in a clutch bag! AWWW! Hopefully i'll be able to provide you with a better review of this pretty soon.

Do you order frequently off ELF? What's your favourite ELF product? I like to know so I can order better things on my next cheeky purchase ;)

Grace x

Monday, 5 December 2011

Cute Christmas Cravings...

Hi everyone! I can't believe I now have over 500 blog followers! AMAZING! A massive thanks to everyone who is following my blog and I hope you all continue to enjoy it :)

Today's post is definitely very christmassy! I'm a sucker for Christmas, I love everything about it and generally start getting excited in October! I've already wrapped some christmas presents and our decorations are up! One of my favourite things about Christmas is definitely Christmas jumpers, cute accessories and wearing lots of glitter!

I have decided that this will be the necklace that I will wear religiously for the countdown 'til Christmas and even on Christmas day.

Meet my newest IKandi addition.  With it's beautifully girly packaging the Crystal Reindeer Long Necklace is the perfect Christmas accessory.  It's encrusted in gorgeous sparkly crystals on a long 26 inch chain.  I don't like necklaces that are too short because I feel really claustrophobic and just have to take them off straight away so this is perfect for me! The necklace is only £8 from which is a perfectly reasonable price for something so cute that's going to get lots of wear over the festive month.  Just like the skull ring  I blogged about a few weeks ago, this is just as sparkly!  (check out the video on that post!)

As always, you can follow IKandi on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates on new stock!

What accessory/accessories will you be wearing over Christmas?!

Grace x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas gifts for under £20!

So last week I posted my favourite pick of Christmas gifts for under a tenner for him and for her.  Here's my bunch of beauties for under £20! I hope you like this feature. Most of the websites i've included currently have sales/discounts and free delivery today so i'd order quickly if you'd like something!

For your friend/sister/cousin...

Vera Wang Rock Princess 50ml £19.50GOSH Primer Set £14.99Soap and Glory Love at First Blush £11.00The Twilight Saga £8.99Yankee Candle Christmas Candles £17.99MAC Lipstick £12.15Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Starter Gift £15Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass Book £14.72Hello Kitty Head Shaped Mirror £15Vivienne Westwood Let it Rock 50ml £17.50 

Moustache Print Boxers £5.99Fairisle Crew Neck Tee £14.99Pinball Master £17.99An Idiot Abroad Book £6.49Inflatable Wife £5.00Personalised Football Commentary £14.95Mylo Xyloto Coldplay £8.99Fudge Matte Hed Extra Hold 85ml £8.99Transformers 3 £9.99Joop 75ml £19.99.

Also i've fallen in love with this idea so I have to include it as a unisex gift! it's £19.99 from ebay and you can get it here: photograph cushion. It's such a lovely idea and i'm sure getting a cushion with your favourite photographs on for christmas would make anyones day!

Hope you liked this! It's taken me nearly four hours! dedication! haha.  I'm now going to write my christmas cards.  Next week I'll be doing a special feature on what to buy mums and dad's, grandparents  and older relatives!

Grace x