Monday, 16 January 2012

Products I'm loving #1

I love nothing more than logging on to blogger to find my favourite bloggers have posted about their current favourite products so I thought I'd steal the idea and do a products i'm loving post of my own! Sorry about the lighting in these photos.  I stupidly decided to leave it 'til 3.56pm to photograph them. I'm so silly.

Sleek Face Contour Kit  £6.79
I couldn't find the link to this on the Superdrug website so I've had to link it on Amazon where the price is £6.79 but I'm sure I didn't pay this much for it from Superdrug.  As you can tell the contour kit is much loved by me.  I use it everyday and just love the effect it has on my cheekbones.  I've got it in the shade Medium and you barely need much on your brush at all otherwise there's a slight chance of over doing it which can I add, looks awful!  I barely ever use the highlighter because Benefit's high beam is usually my go to.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout £2.99
In shops this lipstick retails at around £6.99 if I'm correct.  Luckily I managed to buy mine from Fragrance Direct for only £2.99 although I think this particular shade is sold out now :( sad face.  I absolutely fell in love with this lipstick after swatching it in Boots once.  It's a gorgeous mid pink colour and reminds me so much of MAC snob.  It's a great alternative.  I tried to swatch it in the shape of a heart but erm, lets not talk about that.  Next to it is the Sleek face contour kit which for some reason I didn't take a picture of on it's own. I'm so weird.

Revlon Luscious Plumping Mascara  £5
OMG! I've just logged on to the Superdrug website and this mascara's on sale for a fiver instead of £9.99 so if you're looking to try it now's a great opportunity.  Just click the link and it'll take you straight there.  I actually got mine in a prize from More Magazine for winning an event on Fantasy Shopper.  I am head over heels in love with this mascara and I'm so fussy when it comes to finding a mascara.  My eyelashes are quite short and I use lashings of mascara to get them to an okayish level.  With this mascara all I need is about three coats and they're done! It's really buildable and a little bit clumpy but I don't mind because I love my lashes looking clumpy.  I think I'll definitely be taking advantage of the Superdrug offer.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover £26.50
On first reflection this is quite a 'splurge' for a foundation but when you really think about it, you only need the tiniest bit of this foundation for doll like coverage.  A little really does go a long way and leaves you with the most flawless coverage.   I'm never going to bother buying another foundation again unless it's for pale days! I've got this one in Medium/Deep so it matches my fake tan.  It's meant to be camouflage makeup which is designed to cover scars and spots.  I don't have either, I just really love the heavy coverage.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius £5.11
This is an absolute god send and this is one of the few products I will purchase again and again.  I have seriously hard heels, or should I say had ;) Since using this - actually rephrase, since bullying my boyfriend into giving me foot massages every couple of days my feet have been feeling super soft.  I love this so much and just when you think it can't get any better you have a cheeky sniff of it and inhale the gorgeous Soap and Glory signature scent. Aaaah amazing!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel £3.25
I'm having to guess the price since Snow Fairy is a Christmas thing and Lush have completely sold out now :( sob.  Luckily I managed to get a few bottles in the Sale so I'm trying not to use them as much as I want to just to make them last.  If you haven't smelt Snow Fairy, I feel so sorry for you.  I don't know how anyone could dislike the bubblegum scent of the shower gel and if I'm honest that's why I'm loving it.  The shower gel does make your skin feel beautifully smooth but I am more of a sucker for the scent and bright pink packaging.  It's basically like a princess liquidated into a bottle.

Hope you all liked this post and if you've wrote a recent post about the products you've been loving, please link it below because they're one of my favourite reads!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sale Steals

With the recent sales on in more or less every shop going i've found it too hard to resist not buying anything.  I must have been in about 5 different Boots' to find myself a cheeky bargain! Here's what I've been buying.

So sorry for the terrible pictures! My lighting has been horrendous tonight.  I'm absolutely in love with these palettes.  The Airkiss one has 20 lipsticks, a nude lipliner and a retractable lip brush in it and was meant to be £20 but I got it for £10! Bargain! The lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous and their staying power is amazing! The Moondust one was meant to be £16 but I got it for £8 which is amazing for 6 pigments, 2 glitters, a brush and a shadowbase.  As you can see from the swatches the pigments are unbelievable.  I do love them.  Check your local Boots for these gems!

Another Boots purchase was this St Tropez set which was meant to be £25 but was reduced to £12.50.  I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this! I tried so many different branches of Boots and finally managed to find it! YES! It contains the instant glow spray, bronzing lotion, a pair of latex gloves and my favourite thing, a shimmer brick.  I haven't used the tan yet but the shimmer brick is out of this world.  I've got a huge love for shimmer bricks and I haven't found one that beats my Fake Bake shimmer brick yet, maybe this it'll be it!

Admittedly, I'm not terribly keen on this bag but for a pound from Primark it's a bargain even if I don't ever use it!

Didn't realise how messy these were! OOPS! Sorry! These were by far my favourite buys all sale time. These little bundles of beauty were all £1.50 each from Sainsburys.  I couldn't believe it when I first saw them in the bargain bucket but a lady told me they were getting discontinued.  I'm a bit gutted because the Rimmel colour show off lipsticks were one of my favourite ranges and Pink Gossip is one of my all time favourite lipsticks. :(

Found this tiny bottle of Evian facial spray in TKMaxx for 50p.  I've wanted to try it for a while so i'm so pleased that I found it.  The models own lipgloss was from Boots and was free when you buy two bottles of diet coke.  The gloss is such a gorgeous dark red colour.  I wish I'd had it for the festive period because the colour just screams Christmas.  I bought the Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation from Tesco for £3.99 which was a steal.  It's one of my favourite foundations.  I've been eyeing up the Barry M lip glosses for sometime now and bought my first ever one from Superdrug for £4.49.  The whole range smell absolutely gorgeous.  This one's bubblegum, I want to eat it.

On a visit to New Look I noticed a huge stand full of £1 jewellery.  I snapped up these three pieces quickly.  I love the earrings for a night out and I'll wear the rings in the day and evening cause they're so easy to style.

Finally caved in and bought these shoes from Topshop for £28 which I'd been wanting for ages! I love them so much.  They're actually a nude sort of colour but the camera makes them look kinda weird.  They're beaaaautiful!

I hope you all liked this post! I've also added a blog design page to my blog at the top so if you're wanting to pretty your blog up a little bit, please check it out!

Grace x

Friday, 6 January 2012

it's not hard to fall...

HIYA! I've just noticed that I'm nearly at 600 blog followers. That is absolutely insane to think that nearly 600 people have pressed that little follow button! Thanks guys, I truly appreciate it.

On with the post, I thought i'd do a little "life in pictures" post.  Just to show you what I've been upto recently.  I like my blog to have a little bit of a personal feel so here it is :)

A cheeky picture of me and my boyfriend on Christmas day - if you look closely you might be able to spot that I am wearing my new favourite lipstick in the world - Mac Girl about town.  It's gorgeous!

Me, older - found an ageing app on my iPhone so I made myself look old.  I think I look quite respectable. I'd make a lovely Grandma one day.

SNOW FAIRY! - Fallen in love with everything Snow Fairy this festive season.  If you haven't had a sniff of snow fairy yet then I urge you to. Your nose will thank you.  It's a girls heaven, candy floss and bubblegum scented. YUM.

Singstar -  I am a Singstar Queen.  Nobody can beat me, I challenge all of you.  I've even won at rap songs! WOOHOO!

Cutting t-shirts - Bought this Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson t-shirt for eight quid from Primark and chopped it up a bit to be a bit slouchy.  This picture isn't a perfect representation but it looks lush on!  I love Amy Winehouse forever.

NEW KITTEN! - We got a kitten! WOOHOO! She's eight weeks old now and she's called Holly because we got her just after Christmas.  I think it's an appropriate name.  She's really cute but her claws hurt lots.

Trying to eat more healthy - I am embarking on a new adventure - a diet.  I did think about doing a detox but I just ended up freaking out about the whole thing.  It's day three of the diet and it's going pretty well so far i'd say although I have just ate a rich tea biscuit or two.  Oops.

Grace x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Introducing Cheap Frills

As most of you will already know, I am a complete sucker for cutesy jewellery.  I just love it.  It's easy to wear, makes you go 'aww' and just well, CUTE! When Cheap Frills emailed me to ask if I'd like to review an item off their online jewellery store I jumped at the chance!

I first noticed Cheap Frills when they started following me on Twitter.  Being intrigued by the store name I immediately had a browse of the store and thought that I would actually wear every single piece of vintage inspired jewellery featured, so when they emailed me I was chuffed! They must've read my mind. Haha.

I feel that I should say even though this item was sent to me for free for the purpose of this review, I will still give it my honest opinion.  I'd be disappointed if I bought something that another blogger had recommended and it turned out to be rubbish and I could never do that to all of you.

EEEEP! LOOK AT THIS! I am obsessed with swallows although if I saw the real bird i'd be petrified, I'm terrified of birds.  I just absolutely love the vintage feel of this necklace too and how good quality it feels.  Some jewellery you buy from little online jewellery stores does seem a bit flimsy and tends to break easily so usually I avoid buying from them unless I see something I really like or can trust the opinion of another person.  Another good quality in this necklace for me is that the chain is really quite long.  I've said before that short chains can make me feel a bit claustrophobic and I always worry that I'm choking.  This swallow necklace retails at £12 which, for a piece that none of your friends are probably going to have, an excellent quality of necklace AND a vintage inspired piece is a really reasonable price.

At the time I got this from Cheap Frills they were offering a free piece of jewellery with every order and they sent me this little cute mouse ring! AAAAWWW! I can't get enough of it! It's tiny though and it was so difficult to get a picture of it.

Cheap Frills have a sale on at the moment too so all the more reason to head over and give it a sneaky peek! They're also holding a giveaway on their Facebook page and also update their twitter really regularly and are such a friendly little company!

I hope you all liked this review and if you haven't already, take a little peek at my youtube channel! :)

Grace x