Saturday, 25 February 2012

Shopping is my favourite thing to do.

What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than perusing a few shops?!  I've had one of those days where I've got money to spend but could not, for the life of me, find anything much to buy so all of my purchases are from Boots.  At least I get a few hundred cheeky advantage points!

I picked up the Neutrogena Wave Duo for £10 as I've been thinking about it for a while now.  I thought it might be a bit like the Clarisonic but it's completely different.  I've actually tried it out about an hour ago and it's made my skin so lovely and soft.  I don't think it's too good for removing eye makeup though.

Boots are having a 3 for 2 on most things in the store at the moment so obviously I had to take advantage of the offer ;)  I decided on picking up the BB Cream and the Righteous Butter Body Lotion from Soap and Glory that were both £10 each.  I'm really excited to try the BB Cream and I think I'm the last girl in the world to try it!  I've got the Skin 79 BB cream and I absolutely love it so I'm hoping that I'll love this one too.   Soap and Glory are my little weakness at the moment so I couldn't not pick up something from the range!

Oh my god, Lynx for girls!  I thought it looked quite tomboyish even though it's pink because well, Lynx is for boys!  The scent is absolutely delicious and I've decided that I'm going to be spritzing myself in Lynx all summer.  It's a really sweet watermelon scent and reminds me of those watermelon flavoured sugar coated sweets you used to be able to get from corner shops. These were on offer for 2 for £5 so I had to have two didn't I?!

I've only got one Models Own nail varnish - Juicy Jules so I've decided that I need more.  In fact, I've decided I need to have all of the nail varnishes and told my boyfriend I was going to buy two a week.  He laughed and said you'll have over 100 nail varnishes by this time next year!  YAY!  I picked up Lemon Meringue and plan on wearing it lots over Spring.  I also fancied trying the nail art pen even though I'm utterly rubbish at nail art.  I can try huh?!  These were on offer again for 2 for £8.  Quite a bargain if you ask me!

I also indulged in this phone case since I've just upgraded my phone.  I was going to attempt to make my own but I saw this one on Ebay for £4.95 with free delivery (CLICK HERE TO GET IT!) and I thought it was a bargain and totally girly so I ordered it.  It only took a day to be delivered too! Amazing!

I hope you all liked this haul!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am in love with it! xx

  2. really want to try the neutrogena wave and lynx for girls! love models own polishes too

    1. definitely get the lynx! it's gorgeous and it's limited edition ;) xxxxxx

  3. Have now mentally added everything you purchased to my wishlist, thanks a lot :( haha xx

  4. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D
    xoxo Effy

  5. LOVE that phone case haha.. i'm looking to find a blingy girly one ;) xxxxx

  6. Thanks for your comment! My duvet cover is from argos :) and olly murs is my favourite ever!! xx

  7. Love the phone case! It's so pretty. Can't believe they made lynx for girls..
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  8. Fab buys I love Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion its amazing, and also Models Own polishes are gorgeous I have quite a few of there pastel shades. :D x

  9. LOVE the phone case!

    Also, I just thought I'd let you know I'm giving away a Clarisonic Mia on my blog! I'd love it if you could check it out on my blog. You can gain up to 10 entries! Here’s a link xx

  10. you're not the only one not to have tried the bb cream - i really want to try it too hehe! and oh my god lynx for girls?! never thought i'd see the day hehe!
    have you tried the soap and glory clean girls body wash? its AMAZING!

    maddie xx

  11. I picked Lynx for girls up yesterday, love the smell, hate the can :D The case is cute.


  12. Such a cute phone cover :)! xx

  13. I love the colour of that nail varnish! I'm really tempted to go buy some tomorrow now!


  14. I heard about Lynx for girls! have to try it :D And Soap & Glory always have the best products!!

    I'm giving away a Body Shop makeup box at the moment, make sure you enter here:

    xxx Emily

  15. your phone case is soo cute! xx

  16. I'm getting me one of those phone covers!! It's mental but gorgeous :)


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