Sunday, 19 February 2012

Soap and Glory favourites.

Hello you lovely bunch! Today's post is going to be my top five favourite Soap and Glory products.  I'm not going to babble on for a while, let's dive straight in!

Hand Food £4.85
This has got to be my most favourite Soap and Glory products of them all.  Do you know how most hand creams have got that like, greasy feel about them? Well, this one is totally the opposite.  It just makes your hands feel super soft straight away without any sort of greasy feeling.  Everybody that has tried my bottle of Hand Food has absolutely fell head over heels for it including it's deliciously trademark Soap and Glory scent.

Hand Maid £2.50
One thing I can't stand about antibacterial hand cleansing gels is that horrific, overwhelming alcoholic scent .  It's vile!  This one just smells like Soap and Glory.  I suppose I can sometimes smell a tiny tiny tiny hint of alcohol but that's twenty million times better than having to put up with the regular horrid alcoholic smelling cleansing gels!  This little bottle sits on my desk at work all day long.

Off Your Face wipes £4.50
There's not a massive amount you can say about face wipes really is there?  I just think that these are the best facial wipes I've ever used.  They don't make my face sting and they smell really lovely unlike some that can smell a little chemical-y.  AND how beautiful is the packaging?!  At £4.50 they're a little pricey if you get through them a lot like I do.  I think I'll just be buying these when I fancy a bit of a splurge.

Clean on Me £5.11
CLEAN ON ME, WHEN YOU'RE NOT STRONG AND I'LL BE YOUR FRIENDDDDD.  Oops sorry!  I love how the picture looks like I've used hardly anything when in reality I've been using it most days since Christmas and I still have absolutely tons left! YAY!  I swear this is going to last me until next Christmas at least.  I just love the 'clean' feel I get from using this and I love being able to smell the delicious scent on me all day/night.

The Righteous Butter £10.21
At £10.21 I do think this is pricey but if you want to indulge in something a little more luxurious then The Righteous Butter is your friend.  I think this is the body cream that Princesses use.  It's just so gorgeous and rich and just aaaaah,  I can't explain.  It is the best thing ever and makes your skin feel SUPER soft when using it AND you get a massive pot of it!

I hope you all enjoyed this.  On a whole I just really really love the girly, quirky, vintage-esque look of the Soap and Glory products as well as the humorous names and the way the description of the products are well written and down to earth.  What are your favourite Soap and Glory products?  For a full range of Soap and Glory products you can check out their website here! 


  1. I really want to try hand food because my hands are always so dry! Lovely review
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  2. I love everything in your post too. Soap and Glory are such an amazing brand! I also love their Clarity face soap-cleared my face right up after I was breaking out from Liz Earle :\

  3. I have never tried anything from soap and glory but so many people rave about it, thinking about trying the body butter xx

  4. I've been looking for these products for the longest time, they used to be at Target in my town, but not anymore. I adore the packaging!!

  5. Literally just applied this to my hands! Adore Hand Food, it's the best and most effective hand cream I've come across. x

  6. I've always wanted to use Soap & Glory products, but they are just a bit to pricey for me :)

  7. Lovely Review! I absolutely adore handfood! It's perfect!x

  8. I use Hand Food, it's so amazing!! Need to try more Soap & Glory stuff!

  9. i love the hand gel! and omg clean girls is my all time favourite shower gel/body wash - it leaves my skin so soft! paired with the flake away scrub - heavenly!

    maddie xx

  10. I can't believe I've never tried Hand Food before, this will be my next purchase for sure!


  11. OK, so I've never really got into Soap & Glory products, but I now NEEEEd hand maid, clean on me and the righteous butter in my life. How does it compare to the Bodyshop body butters?

    e x

  12. love this! I love S&G products! :)
    lovely post and blog!


  13. I have loads of the Soap & Glory stuff from Christmas! My favourite is the Hand Food which I keep in my bag and the face wash that I use every morning :3

    Lovely blog btw!

    CAT xoxo

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