Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Now you're just somebody that I used to know...

Hi Guys! (hate using the word 'guys' but literally could not think of anything else)

I can't believe that I have abandoned my cute little blog for over a month.  That actually makes me sick and I've missed blogging so much but I just feel like I have zero time at the moment.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to allow myself at least 3 hours blog time a week so hopefully i'll be a better blogger from here on.  I find that every time I go on to the computer with the intentions to blog, I end up reading everybody else's blog posts instead of writing mine!

This post is just going to be a bit of 'what i've been up to recently' kind of post.  I'm going to use photos that I've posted to Instagram so apologies if you've already seen these already!

The Hollister sprays are actually beautiful!  A bit pricey at 3 for £18 but I think I'll get loads of use out of them over the Summer.  They make me want to go to the beach.  I've been trying to eat healthier at the moment but it's so hard in such horrible weather.  I just crave junk food!  I hope we get some Sun real soon.  I've also been so addicted to Slush Puppies - they are beautiful are they not?!  If anybody wants to buy me a Slush Puppie machine, I'd be forever grateful.

AWWW! Look at my Hello Kitties!  I am developing an obsession with these teddies.  I must have about 15 now and I'm running out of space for them but they're just so gorgeous! NEVER LET A 3 YEAR OLD PAINT YOUR NAILS OR YOU MIGHT END UP WITH NAILS LIKE MINE!  I went to the Sea Life Centre recently and met this lovely croc (jokes, he was really scary).  Couldn't help getting a Bubblegum flavoured ice cream since I was at the Seaside either,  if you're really observant you might even notice the Carousel in the background and I HAD to get that in for my blog didn't I?!  I am loving Models Own more than even Barry M at the moment and that is saying something because Barry is my favourite Beauty Man! Also had a bit of a 'spree' today after work and just bought a few bits of makeup from Boots. Too excited to try the Bourjois foundation tomorrow, does anyone know if it's any good?  I wanted the animal print cross earrings for ages so was pleased that they were half price.  The blue Topshop ones are just gorgeous I think.  Definitely wearing them to work tomorrow!

Feel free to follow me on instagram if you like @glitzcarousels which is also conveniently my twitter username ;)  Really hope you like this post even if it's not too interesting.  I promise to be back to regular blogging at once!