Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Luscious Lashes.

I had a little treat waiting for me when I get home back from work on Thursday, my ebay eyelashes had arrived! Woohoo!  I'd completely forgot that I even ordered them in my tired state on Monday night.  I've blogged about some eyelashes i'd bought off ebay in the past, but they were much more thicker ones and in my opinion, only suitable for nights out!  I was on the prowl for some natural looking lashes that just enhanced my own lashes but were still a little bit noticeable and I've found just what I was looking for.

Meet my new favourite eyelashes!  For only £2.09 for ten pairs, these little beauties suit me down to the ground.  They are reusable if you're willing to pick a bit of eyelash glue off them and for the price I wouldn't mind if I didn't manage to salvage a few pairs.  They look a little misshaped in the box but are easy enough to bend to fit your own eye shape thanks to their extremely lightweight feel.  They are an actual dream to apply too,  I just applied them using my fingers with my holy grail DUO eyelash glue which I bought here that i'd never be without.

I am in love with how subtle they look and am looking forward to wearing them again when I have a few extra minutes in the morning.   I'll link the seller here if you fancy grabbing yourself a little bargain!  Which eyelashes do you swear by?  I'd love to know!

Grace x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

I trade my soul for a wish...

 I recently purchased this amazing fake copy bag off eBay that just about every fashion obsessed girl now has and I really love it.  You can find it here, it was only £23 including delivery and was here in about two days! I've also bought some new storage for my makeup.  I think my lip product obsession is beyond a joke now but I feel like I NEED more lipsticks so that they fill the whole shelf.  Absolutely loving Models Own Ibiza Mix, it's so gorgeous and looks AMAZING over white nail varnish!  I wish I just woke up every day with wavy hair.  Some cakes I made today.  I know what you're thinking, my icing attempt is absolutely pathetic but it's okay because they taste quite beautiful.  FOUND SOME PEANUT BUTTER KIT KAT CHUNKYS! WOOHOO! Is anybody else having great difficulty tracking them down?!  I advise that you try places that you'd never normally go into and shops that look a bit tatty.  Put my hair in a fishtail plait yesterday for the first time in ages.  Forgot how much I loved wearing my hair like this.

I hope you're all having a lovely, relaxing Sunday.  I always feel depressed about this time because work just seems to come around so quickly.  Boo!

Grace x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

ELF Glossy Gloss Review

Hi my lovelies!

I recently received a promotional email from ELF (Eyes Lips Face) about the Glossy Gloss range.  I'd tried the minty lip glosses previously and was quite impressed by them so when ELF were selling the Glossy Gloss's for only £1 each from £3.50,  I couldn't seem to say no!  The only downside of the deal is that you had to buy six of them or spend an amount (i'm not quite sure just how much) to qualify to get them for a pound.

One thing that really annoys me about all ELF products is the unnecessary packaging.  This packaging in particular was so difficult to open - argh! I  can understand why they do it though as I do think it gives the product more of a luxurious feel.  I've only included 5 lip glosses in the picture because i've seemed to misplace the other one.  It's a tad annoying.  Anyway from left to right on the swatches; Ballet Slippers, Wild Watermelon, Pink Candy, Funky Fuchsia and Merry Cherry.  The names are so sweet! Aww!

I absolutely love the colours on the swatches but these are an absolute nightmare to apply with the brush that they come with.  The bristles just seem to go everywhere and shed horrendously leaving me looking a bit like a toddler that's experimenting with her Mum's makeup.  The pigmentation is alright though - nothing too special.  For £1 I don't think I can complain but if I had bought them at their original price of £3.50 I'd feel a bit mugged off.  I thought that maybe they'd all have a different scent to each other too but it's just the same bog standard lipgloss smell throughout them all.  I was maybe asking for a bit too much after all, they're hardly Barry M!  I don't think they would make it to my daily makeup bag but i'd give them a try again I suppose.

Have any of you tried these lip glosses?  I'd love to know what you think of them!

Grace x