Saturday, 23 June 2012

A kiss with a fist is better than none...

I am SUCH a bad blogger!  I always say that I'm going to turn things around and blog everyday but it never happens.  CRY.   Anyway, today I thought i'd blog about a few things I've bought lately.  There's probably tons more but it's been so long since I've done one of these, I've forgotten what's new and what's old news.  Oops! Here we go!

Yankee Candles - Bought these little beauties from Clinton Cards as it was closing down :( sob sob.  I think they were about £1.30 each, not entirely sure but they smell divine!  I love yankee candles.

Sea Salt Wave Spray - CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE HAIR LIKE A BEACH BABE! Haven't tried this yet but I can't wait.  It was only £2.50 from Sainsburys, half price at the time I believe.   

Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water and Watermelon Body Lotion - If I spot anything watermelon, I have to have it.  I love the smell of it and the fruit is actually my favourite food.  These were only £2 each!  I was quite shocked actually, they're well worth it!

Dirty Worx Hand Cream, Foot Butter and Body Butter - These were an absolute bargain, I hope they aren't stopping them altogether though.  They were under half price, the foot butter and hand cream were about £1.24 each and the body butter was £2.20.  They smell so much like Soap and Glory and I highly recommend them as a lower budget dupe.  

Twilight Lush Bath Ballistic - I can't bare to use this!  I can smell it every time I walk in to my bathroom and it's far too beautiful to melt in my bath!  It was around the £3 mark which I wouldn't usually pay for a bath bomb but it's worth it for the smell. 

Dorothy Perkins Gold Cross Bracelet - This was only £2 in the sale, I've just realised how much bargain hunting I've actually been doing! I like stacking up some bracelets with this for a bit of a boho effect.  It looks great on it's own too though.

Shamballa Bracelet - I hate the fact it's not a Tresor Paris bracelet and it's definitely not as sparkly but I desperately wanted one of these beauties! This is from ebay, you can get it by clicking HERE.  It was £4.98 with free posting and I really love it. 

Glamour Benefit Goodies - I think we all went a little bit crazy with these didn't we?! ;)

Revlon Lip Butter in SugarPlum - I don't know if I like this or not.  I definitely don't think they're worth the hype for £7.  I'd much rather an actual lipstick but I was too intrigued not to purchase one.  i don't think I'll bother buying another though!
17 Beehive Lipstick - I've wanted this for about a year but always forgot about it when it came to browsing Boots!  For £5, this is the most perfect nude lipstick.  I'm not normally a nude fan but I love the way this looks!

Estee Lauder Double Wear in Creamy Ivory - This is my absolute favourite foundation in the world.  This is my second bottle now, I have the medium/deep but it's too dark for me when I don't wear fake tan.  It's quite pricey at £26.99 but I'd pay anything for flawless doll-like skin.

Selection of DVDs - Just a few DVDs that i've wanted for a while.  How funny is Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging?! Haha!  Nick and Norah's infinite playlist is such a lovely film.  If you haven't watched it already, you should ;)

VANS! - I'm wearing them right now, I love them so much!  They're my first pair of Vans - I'm not a massive trainer lover but i'm obsessed and I want a pair in every colour going.  These were £40 from Schuh, really reasonable I think! I'm going to wear them to death.

if you'd like a more in-depth review of any of the products above, let me know cause I'd love to do one!  Hope you all liked this post and remember who I am ;) haha.

Grace x


  1. I ADORE Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging - it's hilarious! I love vans too, I have two pairs and am seriously considering a third, those pink ones are so cute! xx

  2. Everything you bought looks great, I especially like your new Vans they seem so comfortable and stylish at the same time! Great post :)x

  3. I keep meaning to go into Clintons to get some cheap Yankees! :)


  4. Strawberry ButterCream my favoutire Candle <3

  5. I would love to see your thoughts on the cucumber water! im also sliiiiightly addicted to yankee candles too .. love the vanilla-y ones but that strawberry buttercream one looks delish - im on the hunt for that one now!
    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog by the way - means a lot that people actually understand :) xx

  6. Great haul! You seem to have bought some lovely stuff
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  7. Ooh I like the look of Yankee Candles, I've never bought any before though. I got some Batiste the other day, I can't live without it anymore!

      Madison's Assortment

  8. Where did you get the body butter from? I love coconut and I WANT IT!


  9. These products looks very cute!Would you like to follow each other?x

  10. I have the Yankee Strawberry Buttercream candle - it smells amazing! xxx

  11. mmm yankee candles are sooo yummy! LOVE those vans, they re tooo cute :) x

  12. I kinda want it all! I love yankee, haven't come across Dirty Works yet but if it's like Soap & Glory only cheaper then it'd be brilliant, I've always thought S&G was way overpriced. Love the Vans!

  13. Oh my gosh, I want everything you got! I'm so jealous you got the Revlon Lip Butters, they don't sell them in my country. I guess I'll just have to order some on Ebay! x

  14. I could cry! I need that cross bracelet :( xx

  15. Lovely haul and have to say I LOVE your little DVD haul. Love each and every one of those films, I have a soft spot for Nick & Norah's Infinate playlist just because it's a bit different which is what I love about it :) Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging is a great film too, I'm literally in love with Aaron Johnson <3 xxx


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