Thursday, 19 July 2012

You're superficial, I'm a misfit.

Hi lovelies!  

Thought i'd post about a few things i've unintentionally purchased lately.  Oh, also my blog title is a lyric out of Amy Studt - Misfit, inspired by that bit in 50 shades of Grey where Ana is dancing around in the kitchen making breakfast in Christian's delicious house.  Is anybody else hooked on that?  I think I am possibly the only girl that doesn't find Christian Grey an absolute creepy slime-ball of a guy?!  Anyway, moving on...

I have to share my duvet cover with you, saw it first on milkteef's blog and lusted after it for ages thinking it'd be mega expensive then I found it in Tesco for £14!  I absolutely love it, i'm beyond obsessed with overly floral prints.  My boyfriend treated me to this Soap and Glory perfume just out of the blue cause he's a good boyfriend!  It smells exactly like all of the Soap and Glory products but I wish it's staying power was just that teeny bit longer!  It's really strong when you first spritz yourself in it though.

I must get through about a bottle of dry shampoo every few weeks, i've become so dependant on it now it's unbelievable.  Whenever I see it on half price (currently in Superdrug) I couldn't not pick it up! I'm running low on St Moriz too, FYI, the best fake tan in the world.  This was just £2.99 from Savers.  I absolutely love Savers recently.  Everything's so cheap and cheerful.  

I've been wanting to try a hair Oil product for a while now so when I came across this one in Superdrug for £6.99, I picked it up without a second thought.  I've just been running it through the ends of my hair to make it a little less frizzy and manageable.  I'm loving it so far and it smells delicious.  Had to pick up a mini hand food too for £2.50 whilst I was perusing Boots because my big hand food is nearly finished :( boo.

AH, another Savers bargain!  I should've photographed these all together really.  I'd redo them but its 9.42pm and I don't think the lighting would really work out for me.  These were a £1 each! HOW CUTE?! I adore everything Hello Kitty so definitely wasn't going to walk out of the shop without these.  There's 40 in a pack too, they're great for sensitive skin and they smell gorgeous. Win win. 

I've been after this Models Own nail varnish in Disco Mix for ages after seeing it on various blogs.  This was £5 which, is maybe a little OTT but I do love it.  I hate the way my nail varnish just seems to peel off with glitter nail varnishes though.  Ah, another disaster photograph here, this nail varnish remover was again from Savers.  It reminds me of the ridiculously overpriced Bourjois price but for only 79p.  You could buy 5 of these or 1 of Bourjois'! Mental!

The next little earrings are my new loves in life!  I've worn them everyday since I've bought them so far.  I saw these on Sophie in Geordie Shore and knew I had to have them.  Ok, they aren't the exact same ones as I know hers are Tresor Paris.  These are from Warren James, they have a closing down sale on at the moment and they were 2 for £15, they come in a wide range of colours.  I wanted them all! 

The pair of shoes are from H&M.  I did love them when I bought them but I've worn them once for work and they absolutely killed my feet.  I guess I just need to break them in more.  The sparkles are what attracted me too them, i'm some sort of magpie!  They were 15 great british pounds which I think is more than reasonable seeing as though they are actually really well made.

That's my little haul guys! Hope you enjoyed it :) 

Grace x


  1. I picked up those hello kitty face wipes and they aren't actually half bad :D x

  2. Is it weird that I have the same duvet, perfume, nail varnish, fake tan, dry shampoo and hand cream?! Hahahaa I love all of them but I wig the perfume scent lasted longer!

  3. That duvet is so pretty! I have to agree with you on the St. Moriz lotion, it's amazing x

  4. Picked up the Twist & Out myself today!
    Just had to click on this post when I saw Amy Studt lyrics!

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  5. LOVE everything you got! Those hello kitty wipes seems WONDERFUL! and don't let me get started about not being able to purchase batiste where I live xD xxx

  6. I've always wanted to try Soap & Glory products. They look amazing! Also those shoes are lovely :)xx

  7. Your bedspread is GORGEOUS!!! So pretty!!!
    Love your shoes too!! <3

  8. Lovely haul, dear! I absolutely love your duvet cover! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog :)

  9. Haha the minute I saw this post title in my blogroll I knew where it came from ;-) I adore those earrings, they're beautiful. I always buy the big Soap & Glory Christmas set in Boots, they last me all year :)

  10. Love everything you bought! Those earrings are so pretty! I'd love to try the S&G perfume :) xo
    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  11. loooooooooove your bedding!!

  12. I have very similar bedding to that but mine is from IKEA, I love it!
    Those shoes are so pretty, such a shame they hurt your poor feet! x

  13. Mmm some great buys!

    Xox Soph

  14. I really like your bed cover, and these products are some great buys. :)

  15. Great post !

    Love your buys :)

    I bought the same kitty wipes last week in London :)

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time

    p.s check out the link in my latest post as well :)



  16. Ohmygod, I totally remember that song, I was completely obsessed with it when it came out! And I just got the first book in the Fifty shades of grey trilogy, I can't wait to start it. Great haul! x

  17. Aw, what a lovely post! You’re blog is so sweet! xx

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