Sunday, 16 September 2012

Current Favourites: Nail Varnishes

I will start this post by saying it's no secret that I am a massive nail varnish enthusiast.  I can't leave the house without buying a new one and am forever taking pictures of my nails and posting them on instagram.  I thought I'd share my current favourite nail varnishes at the moment, there are probably more but I've bought some recently that I haven't even worn yet and although I love the colours, I didn't think that it was right that I included them in this post without me even trying them.  Also, apologies for the quality of these pictures, life hates me today.

Models Own Juicy Jules £5.00 - Juicy Jules is my all time favourite nail varnishes from Models Own.    I wore this throughout Christmas either just on the ring fingers or layered over various nail varnish shades.  It looks beautiful over Barry M's Raspberry in particular.  I've just recently re-discovered this and have fallen in love all over again.

Models Own Coral Reef £5.00 - Coral Reef is a nail varnish my boyfriend bought for me without me even prompting him!  He's good isn't he?!  It's been one of my Summer staples and I would love to wear it throughout Winter but it's a little too bright.  I'll definitely be re-wearing next Summer though!

Models Own Aqua Violet Beetle Juice £5.00 - OH MY GOD.  I wanted this forever and when my little Boots stocked it, I grabbed it with both hands.  This is honestly such a stunner of a colour especially when the light hits it and AAAAH, I just want to coat my nails in it now!

Models Own Ibiza Mix £5.00 - Obviously this was a complete impulse buy because every blogger and their boyfriend (not really) were going mental over it and y'know, I can't resist a good blogger hype.  Although this is an amazing glitter, the first time I used it I absolutely hated the formula.  It's quite hard to spread it across the nail because of the little sparkly pieces but I mastered the art of it in the end.  My favourite way to wear this is over a white nail varnish.  Try it, you'll love it.  Or your money back.  (SOZ, couldn't help it!)

Models own Disco Heaven £5.00 -  Can you tell that I love glitter nail varnishes?!  I will be wearing this everyday at Christmas time.  It's just Christmas in a bottle.  One of my favourite things about Disco Heaven is that it's quite sheer which means I can just layer it over all of my nail varnishes and it won't look too OTT.

All Models Own nail varnishes are currently buy two - get a free nail varnish at Boots and are available online too.  Just click on the links above to lead you directly to the Boots website so you can get your Models Own on.

Models Own Beth's Blue £5.00 - Beth's Blue is a lovely bluey purple colour and I wish I'd discovered this sooner.  I was expecting this to be quite sheer as it's quite light in the bottle and was expecting that I'd have to use about 3 layers but it was fine with one coat.  I think Models Own have truly excelled themselves with this perfect nail varnish.

Miners Moroccan Mint £2.99 - Miners isn't a brand that I'd usually buy because I associate it mostly with teenage girls and Girl Talk magazine.  I actually won this nail varnish in a competition with Glamour Magazine and was pleasantly surprised by the overall formula of this.  One coat is enough and it's a beautiful colour.  I receive endless compliments when I wear this nail varnish.

Chanel Suspicious £18.00 - Now I would never spend £18 on a nail varnish even though the brand is Chanel but this was a gift from my Grandad.  I am overwhelmed at how gorgeous this nail varnish is.  I thought it'd be a little like Barry M's raspberry but the colour is just inexplicable really, I can't really match a nail varnish to it.  I am in love with how this just glided on my nail and how pigmented the formula was.  But hey, you get what you pay for!

Barry M Pink Flamingo £2.99 - I used to be in love with Barry M nail paints but since discovering Models Own, I haven't really looked back.  This one however will remain a firm favourite of my mine forever.  I love the brightness of Pink Flamingo and just the in your face, general girlyness.  At £2.99 too, it's an absolute steal.

Essie Splash of Grenadine £7.99 - This was my first Essie nail varnish and I have to admit, I think they'll be my new obsession.  I couldn't resist buying them again because of all the blogger hype and am so glad I picked this one up.  It's just a lovely purple colour and one layer is enough.

I hope you all liked this post, I am now going to enjoy a nice roast dinner.  I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. (BOO)

Grace x

Friday, 14 September 2012

wrap it up with a pretty little bow...

Click on the song above, it's amazing and if you listen very carefully you'll know where my title for this post was from.  It's my favourite song at the moment, hands down.

Today's post is just going to be a little bit of what i've been up to recently, basically a few instagram snaps.  I feel like i've been neglecting all social networking sites at the moment but have rekindled my love for instagram over the past couple of days.  These are recent pictures but a few are maybe a month or so old.

I love a good top knot.  This Chanel nail varnish will be my autumn/winter favourite for definite, i'm sure of it.  Silly faces with my sister is always pretty fun, even though we do look like absolute douchebags.  IN LOVE WITH THE BAROQUE trend, serious, i want everything!  Nesquik hot chocolate, how amazing is that?  My cutie little brother sleeping with his new build a bear teddy named...Ted haha.  I'm obsessed with fishtail plaits even though they might be a bit 'out' now.  Went to see Jessie J at the Roundhouse and she was super even though she is a bit of a massive diva.  Princess milk, which girl would ever say no?!

Grace x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Birthday Haulin'

Hello lovelies!  I hope you're all well and remember me.  I seem to have unintentionally taken a little break from the blogging world for a month or so but am happy to be writing again today.  Last Sunday (September 2nd)  was my 23rd Birthday!  This year's birthday seemed to have creeped up on me, can't believe it's been a whole year since I turned 22!  TOTES EMOSH.

Anyway, I celebrated by going to my Mum's house for the weekend where my Mum had organised a night of family fun consisting of Cocktails and Fajitas!  Aaaah, it was beautiful.  She even made my favourite lemon meringue pie which is the best lemon meringue pie that i've ever had the pleasure of tasting.  Don't you find that when your Mum makes cakes they're always better than anybody elses you've ever tasted?! It must just be a Mum thing!

Anyway, on with the exciting bit, here's what presents I received!  My Mum kindly gave me lots of money which I have nearly already spent (oops) but hey, it's birthday money so you have to spend it quickly!

As you can see, I received lots of gorgeous gifts and I'm a very grateful and lucky girl!  I also went shopping yesterday and spent some of my birthday money!  I then came home and placed a cheeky online clothes order which will arrive on Tuesday.  TOO EXCITED! P.S my Grandad actually bought me that Chanel nail varnish, dontcha wish you had a Grandad like mine?!

I am beyond impressed with TK Maxx as of late.  Picked up the Essie nail varnishes for £7!  £7 for 3 Essie nail varnishes is out of this world.  The only problem is, is that they don't have the little stickers on the bottoms telling you the shades so if anybody knows the shades please do let me know.  The Models Own nail varnishes were again another steal at 3 for £7.99. I had to stop myself from purchasing any more but I could've bought hundreds.  I am addicted to buying nail varnishes at the moment, it used to be lipsticks but that seems to have stopped although I do want to buy another one....hmm!

I hope you all liked this little haul and please don't think i'm bragging, because i'm not, I just like to see these posts and wanted to make my own.

Grace x