Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We all look for heaven and we put our love first

Firstly,  Happy Halloween!

 Can you believe its like Halloween already?  This year is absolutely flying.  It's practically Christmas but I can't talk about that because I'll get too excited!  Hope you all have a fantastic halloween anyway.  I'm just staying in because I'm reallllly boring.

Anyway, on with the post, I thought I'd blog about two of the Kate Moss collection lipsticks I've recently bought that have taken over the blogger community by storm.  I saw on a blog (that i can't remember now, sorry!) that the Kate Moss lipsticks were on offer at Asda for £4.  Since I live relatively close to an Asda I thought I'd definitely have to pop in and pick one up.  I'd had my eye on 107 - from the new Kate Moss Matte Collection and without swatching it, I swooped it up and headed to the checkout.  In the car on the way home, I swatched it on my hand and instantly fell in love.  It's such an on-trend, perfect plum, matte colour.  When I actually put it on my lips, I was quite disappointed.  I love love love the lipstick but I just don't think it suits me.  I'm a bit scared of it actually, it's just so bold.  I'm hoping I can grow to love how it looks on me as I really don't want to waste it.

08 (I hate the numbers - why can't they have names?!) was a treat off my boyfriend actually.  We were getting some lunch in Tesco when he threw this in the basket.  Again, the lipstick was £4 and I actually think they're still on offer at the moment if you fancy grabbing yourself a little treat!  I'm trying to get more in to nudey-ish lipsticks for the winter as i'm usually a pink lipstick enthusiast.  I can't really explain this colour, it's like nude but a little bit pink.  It looks so much nicer on the lips and with a dark smokey eye, it looks amazing.  I'm shocked that I like this so much to be honest,  I didn't think I'd ever find a lipstick colour I liked more than pink.

I'm now off to Boots to swatch lots of lipsticks and possibly buy things that I shouldn't.

Grace x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Get down from your tree house sittin' in the sky

Just a short and sweet post today - gosh I hate that phrase but i'm freezing cold and I can't think of anything more imaginative at the moment.

I went shopping with my boyfriend and his brother on Thursday night with the intentions of coming home empty handed.  AS IF! I can't resist a peeky nose in Boots especially when its 3 for 2.  I was so happy that the entire Models Own mirrorball collection was in stock and also the new Wonderland collection.  Without a seconds thought, I picked up Hot Stuff, Southern Lights and Jack Frost and swiftly made my way to the checkout.  I painted my nails with Jack Frost last night and it looked absolutely awful.  It came out really blue but it was over a burgundy nail varnish.

I cheekily asked my boyfriend if he'd treat me to this £2.99 Giles lipstick when he was purchasing some jumpers in New Look.  When the girl scanned it, it came up as 50p, bargain or what?!  I really do love the shade of this.  I can't wait to wear it.

Since the Nail Constellation's are now out and MUA had an offer on at the time, I couldn't resist spending a tenner on a few bits.  I haven't really bought anything from MUA for a while apart from the palettes.  The love hearts products were all free if you spent over £10 and I'm actually really happy with them.  The lip balm is really sheer so it'll be nice for days when I want a natural face day.  I'll probably pop the nail varnishes away for next Summer.  I instantly fell in love with this nail varnish when I saw it online.  I'm so happy with it and I honestly will wear this all the time in Winter.  £1 too, MUA is the best!

How beautiful is the shade of lipstick?!  I'm on the hunt for a perfect plum colour and I reckon this is pretty close.  I just love it, again for a £1, dream come true.  Also picked up this lipgloss, it's an intense kisses one and the colour is amazing.  Possibly going to need to buy the whole collection.  At £2 a pop for colour like this, can I really resist?  No!

My whole reason for this order was the nail constellation.  I picked this one up in Pisces but I do want the whole collection.  I haven't tried it out so I'm yet to give an opinion so a separate post coming up on that soon.

One thing I am pretty disappointed with is this bronzer.  I've only swatched it on my arm but it just looks so pointless.  I'm hoping it picks up better on my cheeks.  Have any of you tried this?! Let me know what you think of it.

I love how I said this was short and sweet, such a lie.  Hope you've all had a nice weekend!

Grace x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Shine bright like a diamond

Hello lovelies.  Today I thought i'd share with you a combo that I am a little bit in love with.  I purchased this Barry M Rose Quartz nail varnish on Sunday and was thinking of something to pair it with.  As it's a rose gold colour I was struggling to think of a nail varnish to match it perfectly.  I was looking through my collection and noticed Models Own Beth's Blue which is a favourite of mine anyway and thought i'd chuck them together.  Needless to say I am beyond pleased with the way this turned up besides the fact I put a little too many layers on and peeled it off today at work.  :(  Oh well, at least I get to paint my nails again!

Hope you're all having a great week!

Grace x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Current Favourites

Hello lovelies!

I thought i'd have a bash at doing a favourites post today, I've refrained from using the word 'monthly' because I'm such a unreliable blogger and can't promise that these will be a monthly addition to my blog but i'm going to try!  These are products that I've been loving over the past month/couple of weeks. 

Paco Rabanne Lady Million - £38.75  - I'll start by saying this has to be one of my favourite perfumes of all time.  I can't explain the scent very well but it's just sort of floral and musky.  It's staying power is crazy though, I can smell it on my clothes, pillow, all day long. Mental.  I'm not one to usually repurchase perfumes but since i'm halfway through this already and I can't bear life without it, i'll definitely be purchasing this again, or at least putting it on a Christmas wish list ;)

Models Own Raspberry Crush - £5.00 - If you don't know already, I am THE biggest fan of Models Own.  This is a nail polish i've been loving recently.  One coat of this little beauty is fine but I prefer two just to make sure.  It sort of reminds me of a slightly lighter Barry M's raspberry.  It's like the perfect colour for the summer/autumn transition.

Backcombing Brush - £1.00  - I purchased this for Primark for a pound and wasn't expecting it to be anything more than okay but I have really grown to love it.  I think it's a rip off of this Denman version in fact, it's pretty identical.  I hate using backcomb powders on my hair as it makes my hair really stiff and hard to manage so this does the trick beautifully.

Eyebrow Lifter & Filler - £3.75 - Usually anything I put on my eyebrows makes me look like an actual laughing stock.  I dream of having HD Brows but to be honest, I think they would look ridiculous on me.  This is so so subtle and well, I just think it was made especially for me.  I don't usually use the Lifter though as I can't find a way to make it look okay.  If anybody has any suggestions, let me know pretty please!

Purity Makeup Remover £4.99 * - I actually got this sent to me by Purity a while ago.  This is an absolute dream at removing makeup.  It even budges my Estee Lauder Maximum Double Wear, water can't even do that!  I have a few more Purity products that I'm going to be reviewing soon but this one is just a favourite so far.

Carmex Lip Balm £3.85 - My lips have been a nightmare for the past couple of weeks.  I'm convinced I'm developing a cold but I've been saying that for the past month.  Carmex makes your lips slightly tingly at first but also restores moisture within a couple of minutes.  If you haven't tried it before, I can't recommend it enough. It smells a little bit like cocoa butter (?).

MUA Undressed Palette £3.00  - Saving the best til last!  Firstly I would like to apologise about how much of a state this palette is actually in.  I used it on a night out last weekend for my little sister's birthday and my little brother actually had a little play around with it (boohoo).  I've heard a few cheeky rumours that this is similar to the Naked Palette.  All I can say is that I absolutely love every shade in this palette and the eyeshadows are pigmented beyond belief.  If you haven't got this already, get it.   You need it in your life, promise.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and are having lovely Sundays.  What's your favourite product at the moment?

Grace x

Saturday, 6 October 2012

after dawn there will be sunshine...

Hi!  Haven't done a post on things I want would like in a while so seeing as I was browsing the internet and virtually purchasing everything in my head, I thought i'd do a little blog post.

I've seen the MUA nail constellations being talked about everywhere at the moment.  For only £3 these are a brilliant alternative to the caviar manicure and providing my local Superdrugs haven't sold out, I'm hoping to pick myself a few of these up tomorrow.

Completely fallen in love with all of these clothing items tonight.  The floral baroque-esque skater dress just ticks all the right boxes for me, not too expensive either at £35.  I'm strangely intrigued by the t-shirt, not sure whether i'd wear it much but I just know that I want it to be mine.  I've been looking for an ombre cardigan for a while now and this one isn't too out there.  

Has anyone else noticed everyone instagramming pictures of these phone cases?!  I've wanted one for ages but could never find one, found this one on ebay tonight though for a mere £2.99.  Just click on the link and it'll lead you straight to it :)

CATH KIDSTON.  There's a Cath Kidston shop opening in Norwich soon and I just absolutely cannot wait.  Everyone's christmas presents will just be from there, not even joking.  This pillow cover is £16.  I  think the price is a little steep for just the cover but y'know, it's Cathy K and I'm willing to pay.  I'm poet and I didn't even know it.  Cringe.

I want the whole of the Topshop nail varnishes, annoyingly enough for a nailpolishaholic like me, I don't even own one yet.  I plan to invite them into my life sometime soon though.

How nice is this bag?!  I bet you'll like it even more when I tell you how much it is, £14.95 with £3.95 postage.  It's a nice little bargain!  It is from ebay though so i'm not sure what the quality would be like although I've bought a bag from the seller before and it's not looking too vintage yet.  

I find it weird that I've never tried Benefit Hoola when I love bronzers so much.  I am definitely going to either invest in this, buy it at Clothes Show or put it on my Christmas list this year.  I feel like I need it.  

I really hope this post wasn't too boring for you all.  If you fancy browsing/buying any of the above, just click on the links (ONE. TWO. ETC).  

Grace x