Saturday, 6 October 2012

after dawn there will be sunshine...

Hi!  Haven't done a post on things I want would like in a while so seeing as I was browsing the internet and virtually purchasing everything in my head, I thought i'd do a little blog post.

I've seen the MUA nail constellations being talked about everywhere at the moment.  For only £3 these are a brilliant alternative to the caviar manicure and providing my local Superdrugs haven't sold out, I'm hoping to pick myself a few of these up tomorrow.

Completely fallen in love with all of these clothing items tonight.  The floral baroque-esque skater dress just ticks all the right boxes for me, not too expensive either at £35.  I'm strangely intrigued by the t-shirt, not sure whether i'd wear it much but I just know that I want it to be mine.  I've been looking for an ombre cardigan for a while now and this one isn't too out there.  

Has anyone else noticed everyone instagramming pictures of these phone cases?!  I've wanted one for ages but could never find one, found this one on ebay tonight though for a mere £2.99.  Just click on the link and it'll lead you straight to it :)

CATH KIDSTON.  There's a Cath Kidston shop opening in Norwich soon and I just absolutely cannot wait.  Everyone's christmas presents will just be from there, not even joking.  This pillow cover is £16.  I  think the price is a little steep for just the cover but y'know, it's Cathy K and I'm willing to pay.  I'm poet and I didn't even know it.  Cringe.

I want the whole of the Topshop nail varnishes, annoyingly enough for a nailpolishaholic like me, I don't even own one yet.  I plan to invite them into my life sometime soon though.

How nice is this bag?!  I bet you'll like it even more when I tell you how much it is, £14.95 with £3.95 postage.  It's a nice little bargain!  It is from ebay though so i'm not sure what the quality would be like although I've bought a bag from the seller before and it's not looking too vintage yet.  

I find it weird that I've never tried Benefit Hoola when I love bronzers so much.  I am definitely going to either invest in this, buy it at Clothes Show or put it on my Christmas list this year.  I feel like I need it.  

I really hope this post wasn't too boring for you all.  If you fancy browsing/buying any of the above, just click on the links (ONE. TWO. ETC).  

Grace x


  1. I must have that phone case! Getting it.


  2. Love the phone case and Topshop nail polish. I have a couple of Topshop polishes but I really want a nice light blue one for winter :) x


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