Sunday, 14 October 2012

Get down from your tree house sittin' in the sky

Just a short and sweet post today - gosh I hate that phrase but i'm freezing cold and I can't think of anything more imaginative at the moment.

I went shopping with my boyfriend and his brother on Thursday night with the intentions of coming home empty handed.  AS IF! I can't resist a peeky nose in Boots especially when its 3 for 2.  I was so happy that the entire Models Own mirrorball collection was in stock and also the new Wonderland collection.  Without a seconds thought, I picked up Hot Stuff, Southern Lights and Jack Frost and swiftly made my way to the checkout.  I painted my nails with Jack Frost last night and it looked absolutely awful.  It came out really blue but it was over a burgundy nail varnish.

I cheekily asked my boyfriend if he'd treat me to this £2.99 Giles lipstick when he was purchasing some jumpers in New Look.  When the girl scanned it, it came up as 50p, bargain or what?!  I really do love the shade of this.  I can't wait to wear it.

Since the Nail Constellation's are now out and MUA had an offer on at the time, I couldn't resist spending a tenner on a few bits.  I haven't really bought anything from MUA for a while apart from the palettes.  The love hearts products were all free if you spent over £10 and I'm actually really happy with them.  The lip balm is really sheer so it'll be nice for days when I want a natural face day.  I'll probably pop the nail varnishes away for next Summer.  I instantly fell in love with this nail varnish when I saw it online.  I'm so happy with it and I honestly will wear this all the time in Winter.  £1 too, MUA is the best!

How beautiful is the shade of lipstick?!  I'm on the hunt for a perfect plum colour and I reckon this is pretty close.  I just love it, again for a £1, dream come true.  Also picked up this lipgloss, it's an intense kisses one and the colour is amazing.  Possibly going to need to buy the whole collection.  At £2 a pop for colour like this, can I really resist?  No!

My whole reason for this order was the nail constellation.  I picked this one up in Pisces but I do want the whole collection.  I haven't tried it out so I'm yet to give an opinion so a separate post coming up on that soon.

One thing I am pretty disappointed with is this bronzer.  I've only swatched it on my arm but it just looks so pointless.  I'm hoping it picks up better on my cheeks.  Have any of you tried this?! Let me know what you think of it.

I love how I said this was short and sweet, such a lie.  Hope you've all had a nice weekend!

Grace x


  1. you got some lovey bits! I love your new header too!xx

  2. Want to try out that models own mirrorball! How is it? Is it hard to remove? And I've wanted to try Mua for aaaages!!
    And 50p for lipstick?!?! That's amazing!!!! xx

  3. I love Models Own! Especially the glitter, it goes on lovely and lasts long but the glitter is so difficult to remove:( xxx

  4. nice haul! love the giles lippy colour

  5. Love the MUA goodies! :D I love your blog, too. New follower :D

    Please check out my blog if you have the time!

  6. Love your Blog :)
    Follow you now <3

    If you want have a look at my blog.
    Maybe you follow back :)

    Greetings from Germany,

    Emma Wunderbar <3

  7. Ooooo I really want the MUA constellation beads, will look forward to your post to see if its any good! :)

  8. can you get MUA in chemists ? that nail caviar thing looks amazeeee x

  9. Fabulous haul!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Halloween Hun xoxo

  10. have you tried the mua love hearts nail polish yet?
    i was going to get the purple one today but it didn't look too nice in the bottle :/

  11. I hope you don't mind me asking but what shade number is the plumish coloured mua lipstick?? Love your blog, i'm now a follower :)xx

  12. Love the Models Own glitter polishes! So pretty- can't wait to get my hands on some.

    Gorgeous blog xo


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