Monday, 14 January 2013

50 Random Facts about Me

I watched this tag last night on Essiebutton's youtube and I thought it was really fun so I've decided to my own, only in writing form so I hope it's not too boring.

1) I'm scared of birds, hamsters, rabbits and horses.
2) I used to get panic attacks A LOT.
3) I love everything Cath Kidston or just floral printed in general.
4) I live around five hours away from all of my friends and family.
5) I spend my life wishing I looked like various different celebrities.
6) I'm obsessed with ALL reality tv programmes apart from Made in Chelsea.
7) I still watch Tracy Beaker.
8) I can't stand spelling mistakes.  They genuinely make me feel weird.
9) I'm slightly obsessed with anything Hello Kitty.
10) Thinking of fifty random facts about myself is harder than I thought.
12) I'm left handed.
13) I have to watch something 'nice' before I go to sleep every night so I can fall asleep feeling happy.
14) I would rather stay up all night and sleep all day rather than waking up at the crack of dawn and going to bed early.
15) 5 times out of 10, I don't take my makeup off before I go to bed. OOPS.
16) I love painting my nails but end up peeling the nail polish off the next day.
17) I hate hugging/kissing everyone except my boyfriend.
18) I rarely show my true emotions.
19) The only time I ever say 'I love you' to my family is at the end of a phone call, but I do love them loads.
20) I've never met my Dad.
21) I've never been abroad.
22) I've lived in England, Scotland and Wales.
23) I hate peas!
24) I could easily eat a whole jar of Beetroot in one go.
25) I like the idea of being 'arty' but in reality I can't even draw a stickman.
26) I have enough makeup to last me forever but I still want more.
27) I'm terrified of dying.
28) I think about dying every single day.
29) I'm a massive hypochondriac which usually leads me to googling things which essentially ends in me thinking i've got horrendous illnesses.
30) I have such bad eyesight but I'm scared of the opticians.
31) Mean Girls is my favourite film in the whole wide world.
32) I don't see/speak to my friends as much as I should.
33) I forget EVERYONES birthdays.
34) Whenever I get pretty notepads, I won't write in them because I don't want to ruin them.
35) When my Mum was pregnant with my little brother, I didn't want her to have him but now I think he's the best thing in the world. like, ever.
36) Oasis will remain my favourite band for the rest of my life.
37) I wish I was a Disney Princess.
38) I'm scared of Phil Mitchell from Eastenders.
39) I don't watch any soaps anymore.
40) People that patronise me because they think they're more intelligent me make me want to punch them in the face.
41) I hate violence.  Even shouty arguments make me feel shaky unless i'm involved in them.
42) I never thought my blog would have as many followers as it does.
43) My blog is like my little baby!
44) I love to sing and record myself singing. HAHA.
45) I am incredibly homesick.
46) I wish I could put all of the people I love in my pocket and just carry them around with me constantly.
47) I'm proud of the person I am.
48) I've never tried a cigarette and never will.
49) I haven't read a full book since I was about 15.
50) I want to make something of my life to make my family proud of me.

PHEW! Hope this wasn't too much of a bore.  I feel a little self obsessed writing 50 whole facts about myself but I think all of you should do it too.  If you have already done it, leave links to your posts below :)

Grace x


  1. Woah, i wouldn't be able to give you 50 facts about me haha!

    1. haha, you should try. you'd be surprised! xx

  2. you're so funny! I laughed really loud at certain facts
    I think I might post a 50 facts about me one day

  3. great post i love reading things like this!! xx

  4. I loved this, will definitely to try to do my own! xx

  5. I always paint my nails and peel them off the next day - loads of people think that is werid. I'm glad I am not the only one :)
    LaceyLoves x

    1. oh my god, everyone thinks it is when I do it but I can't help it! Aaaah, we should be friends. xx


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