Saturday, 12 January 2013

I've got mixed up memories and I've got favourite places

Instagram - Glitzcarousels

Drinking Rekorderlig with my Grandma, a spot of lunch, my favourite perfume at the moment, NERDS, Cath Kidston goodies, the cutest kitten in the world, disney princess cup to help me drink more water, cous cous and tomatoes for lunch at work, a bed full of christmas present, my favourite ring, yummy hot chocolate my mum made & a silly face. x


  1. I love that song! The hot chocolate looks delicious x

    1. It's beautiful isn't it?! I wish Kate Nash still made songs like she used to :( xx

  2. LOve nerds!!! and love the kate nash reference, that is one of my fave songs! <3

  3. Agh your hairs gorgeous!!! I'm holding a giveaway on my blog and I'd LOVE you to check it out!! :) xo

  4. lovely pictures!! I have the same mug too xx


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