Saturday, 26 January 2013

Look Beauty Sale Purchases

Being the bargain hunter I am, I couldn't resist having a peek at the Look Beauty Sale and inevitably my little peek led me to a basket full of makeup.  I am a huge fan of Look magazine and Look Beauty has always been a brand that excites me.  I love the fun, cute packaging and just the simplicity of it but I've always been under the impression that the quality of the products are similar to that of MUA Cosmetics which undeniably are a LOT cheaper than the Look Beauty ones.  Nevertheless, half price sale, gotta treat myself!

Holiday Glow 'Hollywood' £4 (usually £8) - I absolutely love the pigmentation of this, it reminds me of the Fake Bake Shimmer Brick that I coincidentally also love.  Can't wait to start using this in the warmer months!

Mattify Me Pressed Powder - £4 (usually £8) - I have high hopes for this.  I haven't actually tried it yet but will let the world know my thoughts when I do!

Nail Pop Nail Polishes in 'Corsage' 'Dazzle' and 'Mink' £2.50 each (usually £5) - I'm disappointed with these, they all look like polishes I already own.  The colours online look so different to what they do in real life and the lid was scratched on 'Mink' before I'd even tried it.

Double Hit Lip in 'Rose Riot £4' (usually £8) - There's no way that I'd pay £8 for this.  Almost identical to the MUA Lip Booms that I believe are £3.  The lipstick smells suspiciously like the Vivo Cosmetics ones and also has the same pigmentation.  On the website this looks pink, however, in real life it's more coral with gold flecks.

Loud Lips in 'Petal Nude' £3.50 (usually £7) - Another disappointment for me, this colour looks completely different online.  I thought it'd be a little bit brighter than what it is but it's still something I'd wear.

How to...Smokey Eyes Look Book £6 (usually £12) - This is actually amazing value.  I love the triple hit eyeshadow, it's well pigmented and the colours just suit me down to a tee.  The Oomph lashes mascara is completely dried out though, not quite sure whether I'm even going to be able to use it.  I love the eyeliner, it's amazing!

Fresh Cheeks in 'Melon' £2.50 (usually £5) - This is a lovely shade but I'm going to save it for the Summer when I'm constantly fake tanned because I don't think it'd look particularly nice on my pasty Winter complexion.

Stretch Factor Mascara £3 (usually £6) - I have high expectations purely for the fact Look Beauty have dubbed this as 'eyelash extensions in a bottle'.  Full review on this mascara to come!

Did anybody else take advantage of the Look Beauty sale?  What products would you recommend from the range?

Grace x


  1. Oh wow some lovely things here! The blush looks quite nice :)
    Hareem x

  2. the nail polishes and lipsticks look lovely x

  3. I got some bits too, including the same fresh cheeks cream blush you picked up, which I absolutely love.

    I'm always a bit disappointed when ordering make-up online, I don't think I've ever seen a store which has the colours online even remotely similar to what they actually are, Boots is the worst for it! I ordered what I thought was a fuschia lipstick once, when it arrived it was a really deep red! xo

  4. Love everything you brought - the blusher looks gorgeous! x

  5. Most of the products that I wanted of theirs in the Superdrug website had been out of stock. I never knew they had a website :(

  6. They all look so lovely! definitely got some good bargains there:)! xxx

  7. These look gorgeous! I'd only ever buy them when they're on offer like cos they're pretty pricey!

  8. love the blusher and the nail varnishes! great haul! :) xxx

  9. OOh i really like the packaging! I have never tried anything from look before.. love the magazine though aha :)

  10. Nice to know your blog, already following you!

  11. ahh everything is so colorful and the mascara is pink, how cute is that? we don't have a lot of these brands in the US but the blush looks lovely! love your photos :)

    Miranda M | Pretty Squared

  12. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the mascara, I'm after a new one. Great blog, just started following you xx

  13. OKAY, so - basically I love everything in this post!! My favourites are the nail polishes and the lipsticks - can't get enough of those in my beauty bag. I have serious blog envy now... I'm your latest follower :) x x

  14. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,


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