Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum

You know those times when you're running through Boots and your boyfriend stops to smell aftershaves so you can't resist spritzing a couple ten different perfumes all over yourself?  Well that was me.  I've sprayed Roberto Cavalli's perfume on me a couple of times and each time I've got home and been like 'awww, wish I got that perfume' but I've always held out.  Anyway, in Boots, one day after I posted the 'Project 10 Pan' post might I add, where I shamefully said that I wasn't going to buy any new beauty products until I'd used up those ten, this cheeky number caught my eye.

This gift set was reduced down to £24, half price it's original amount, in the sale for a 50ml eau de toilette perfume, bonus body lotion and a pretty box.  Project 10 Pan obviously fled my mind as soon as I laid eyes on this little beaut and I wasn't in the mood to 'umm' and 'aaaah'.  I absolutely love everything about this perfume.  It's not too 'cutesy' like a lot of the Britney Spears perfumes and this just oozes sexy and sophisticated.  I feel like I want to branch away from the sickly sweet smells and start wearing grown up fragrances, if you will.  I love the classic design of the bottle too and the tiny amount of leopard print that gives it just the right amount of tacky.  The bottle stop is an absolute winner for me too, in fact, it looks a little medal-like.  After a little google, I've found out that the top notes of the perfume are Pink Peppercorn, Green Mandarin, and Italian so imagine all of those blended together and you might come out with a scent that's a little like the perfume. Haha, sorry, I'm rubbish at describing scents just pop in to boots and have a little smell. 

Grace x


  1. I sprayed this is boots the other day and fell in love with it! :)
    Wish I got my hands on the gift set!!

  2. I've loved it since it first came out but I don't like buying things like perfume untill they're on offer! The EDP set was down to £23.99 in The Perfume Shop! I was so happy!! I agree with you it's a very sexy scent! This and Armani Code are my signature scents now :-) xxx

  3. I just love trying new perfumes out, this is one I haven't smelt yet but I'll be sure to try it next time I'm browsing the perfume aisles :)

    Eda ♥

  4. this looks luxe, I totally get the type of scent you're describing, perfect for those date nights! lovely photos

    Miranda M | Pretty Squared


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