Saturday, 15 June 2013

MUA Cosmetics| FashionistA Haul

Whilst scrolling on my Facebook timeline, I noticed MUA Cosmetics had posted about their newest addition to the website - FashionistA.  FashionistA is a brand that I'd noticed in Superdrug over the last year or so and I often drooled over their huge eyeshadow selection but strangely enough, never actually purchased anything.  I had a pleasant surprise when I actually browsed MUA's website too as the products are currently all half price.

The biggest promotion on the website is the Fashionista Palette.  You can either pick four or six eyeshadows, bronzers or blushers including the palette.  If you opt for the four option, it's £7 and for six, £10.  Considering each of the eyeshadows, bronzers and blushers retail normally for £4 each this is a complete bargain!  I spent ages perusing the collection and finally decided on the Glowing blusher, Barcelona bronzer, Gold Rush eyeshadow and the Night Sky eyeshadow.  I wanted to try one of each product and seeing them swatched, I can honestly say that I think I love all of them already. Gold Rush is my absolute favourite, it's so pretty with it's gold flecks.  Night Sky is a matte black eyeshadow which I think will be perfect for smokey eyes.  Barcelona will make a great highlighter and I think Glowing may possibly convert me into a blusher fan.   Each of these all come in their own little cases so you can pop them out of the palette and carry them around singularly if you like.

I also picked up a pressed powder in 'Fair'.  The packaging reminds me of an old school flip up mobile phone.  I haven't tried the powder yet but I will update this post when I do to give you my thoughts.  The mirror on this compact, actually rotates. How amaze?!  This was also £3 with a regular price of £8.

Lipstick is my favourite thing so I couldn't not order these and I couldn't be happier with these two. At £3 each with a regular price of £7 I wish I'd just bought the whole collection!  I don't have any lipsticks with packaging like this either so good effort Fashionista for being a little bit 'out there'.  Both of these will make their way into my Summer makeup bag.

Finally, I decided on a hot pink nail varnish called 'Happy Days' - awww nice name.  I'm wearing it now and I'm super impressed that it hasn't chipped yet like most of my other nail polishes.  I did have to put three coats on though but I have to with most so this doesn't bother me too much.  This was also £3 with a regular price of £5.

All of this for under £20, absolute steal.  I haven't been this happier with an online makeup order in a long time! If you'd like to peruse the FashionistA range, head to

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)

Grace x


  1. I love your picks! I've never noticed this brand. I think it's because I always go to Boots instead and miss out on Superdrug only 2 minutes down the road! I may have to venture in and see this collection some time :)

    Cat, XO

  2. Wow! I love the natural pink lipstick and such pretty packaging! im ordering my own palette tomorrow and some other things which will probably include the lipstick, I'm in love!

  3. I bought a few things last week and I just can't wait for them to get here!
    How is the quality and pigmentaition?


  4. I've been eyeing up fashionistar but unsure what to get, the lipies sound good!
    Megan xx

  5. Check out my review at
    I got a little carried away with their offer!!

  6. I too have recently purchased one of their custom palettes and absolutely love it, I even brought their Barcelona Bronzer too! Those lipsticks look gorgeous, I want to try those next! xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle

  7. The amount you got for £20 is amazing! I live in norwich too and just stumbled across your blog, love it :) x

  8. Absolutely love the eye shadows you've chosen! So beautiful!
    Jess xo

  9. The palette looks amazing and it's so affordable! Definitely added to my wishlist.

    CurlandPearls | Bloglovin’


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