Sunday, 18 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips UK

 As if you haven't seen enough Maybelline Baby Lips reviews dominating the blogsphere at the moment, here I am with another one!  After what feels like forever, I managed to get my mitts on the ever so popular lip balms and it's time to share my thoughts on them with you...

No longer do us Brits need to ponder eBay wondering whether it's worth paying the hefty £6.99 price tag to get a cult balm delivered to us from the USA (or is it just me that did that?) as Maybelline have released six of their Baby Lips balms in the UK. 

The collection consists of three tinted balms - Peach Kiss, Pink Punch and Cherry Me and three moisturising balms - Mint Fresh, Hydrate and Intense Care.  Peach Kiss leaves just the slightest bit of colour, placing itself as the least pigmented of the trio but this is expected since it is quite nude. Pink Punch is my favourite of the three, I am very much a lipstick addict and never leave the house wearing only just balm but thanks to Pink Punch, I will now be able to! I was expecting Cherry Me to be quite red but I'm pleased because it's actually quite a dark-ish pink shade meaning that it'll be more wearable for me.  I am quite shocked at just how pigmented Cherry Me is, it's definitely a lot more pigmented than I expected it to be.  All three of the tinted balms smell delicious but once on your lips, they taste like vaseline and all hints of the scent disappear after about five minutes.  Mint Fresh leaves a lovely cool minty feel on the lips and I think I'll be using this in the colder months.  There's something about a mint scent that I just love in the Winter. Mint Fresh, Hydrate and Intense Care leave a glossy look to the lips.

The balms glide on to your lips like an absolute treat.  The packaging states that they have an 8 hour lasting power but I would say that it's more 2-3 hours with the tints fading after just an hour and a half.  I do think the lip balms are moisturising but I don't have particularly dry lips.  It will be interesting to see how these do hold out once we have more colder weather but for now they do the job just nicely.

For £2.99 per balm, you do get a very reasonable amount of product per tube and I can imagine that each balm will take me an age to get through!  I feel like Maybelline Baby Lips bring out my inner 10 year old with the almost tacky, bright packaging but I think they're fun and are going to stand out from any other balms in my collection.

Admittedly from all of the hype, I did expect the balms to be some sort of a miracle worker.  Call me delusional, I know.  I mean they are nice to have but I wouldn't say 'RUSH OUT TO GET THESE NOW'! as there isn't anything extraordinary about them.

What are your opinions on Maybelline Baby Lips?

Grace x


  1. love this post, I want to try these so bad but they are so difficult to get hold of near me as nearly every where is out of stock!

    kaitlin xx

    1. Ah no, that is a shame! I hope you get hold of them soon! xx

  2. Admittedly, I've been suckered into buying them because of the cute packaging, but I always end up regretting it later. They're a bit too drying for my lips. Maybe I'll learn my lesson one day :)

  3. I bought two yesterday, I got the cherry one which will be perfect to wear for work. I quite like the way they glide on smoothly and make my lips feel nice and balmy :) xx

  4. Oh gosh I've been trying to avoid buying these after all the hype from American YouTubers but now I really need to invest!! I think I like Pink Punch the most as it would be perfect with a tinted moisturiser and HUGE sunglasses for hungover days.... not that I have many of those... honest!!

    Laura xxx

  5. I have been dying to try these out, but I'm worried I'll be disappointed by them. I'm definitely wanting to try Cherry Me though as I've heard it's a decent dupe for the YSL Sheer Candy Number 6 lipstick that I love so much :)

    CurlandPearls | Bloglovin’

  6. I really like the Baby Lips line! I especially love Pink Punch as it adds a beautiful hint of baby pink to your lips :)


  7. I've really wanted to try these out but never got round to ordering them from the States. So happy that they have released them over here now, I do love Burts Bee's but I love the tint that these have and are moisturising at the same time so may have to snap a couple up to try out :)


  8. I'm not too sure about these, Cherry Me looks nice but I'm not convinced they're going to be that moisturising on my lips


  9. I haven't yet brought in to the baby lips hype but I must say they look very nice and I may have to go and get 'cherry me'


  10. I bought mine a few weeks back, I love Cherry Me and dislike Peach Kiss. They do moisture for about an hour or so but they wear off pretty easily, I also think that these are drying my lips out more than they are hydrating them xx


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