Tuesday, 20 August 2013

We danced all night to the best song ever...

HI GUYS! From the title of this post I bet you can guess what I'm listening to right now can't you?! I just love One Direction far too much but not as much as those crazy fans on that 'Crazy about 1D' programme the other night. JEEEEZ. Anyway, on with the purpose of this post.

Just thought I'd share this week's nail combo.  I am loving Models Own pastel scented collection at the moment.  I'm pretty surprised at the coverage of Grape Juice, usually I need about 3/4 coats of a pastel nail varnish from Models Own because they're usually quite watery.  This covered nicely in just two coats.  The scent is amazing at first but it doesn't last long at all.  I can usually smell it the next day if I sniff my nails but I try not to do that very much in fear of looking like a complete weirdo.

Models Own Hot Stuff is a polish that I tend to shy away from.  I am awful for picking/peeling my nail varnish off and because this has quite sharp, large pieces of glitter in it, it's just sooo easy to just pick them off and I end up peeling off all of my nail varnish. That aside, I think it's a super pretty nail varnish and it complements Grape Juice just nicely.

What varnish would you layer Hot Stuff over?

Grace x


  1. wow! nice post ^^ if i had to choose a colour I would go for navy blue with the hot stuff as a topcoat :)

  2. Loveee 1D but definitely cringed the whole way through "Crazy About One Direction" documentary haha. Lovely combo! Think I might have to buy 'Hot Stuff' now :)

    Stella x

  3. It reminded me of egg shells for some reason! Pretty nails :) xxx

  4. I'm going to try these two together, looks so pretty!



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