Tuesday, 10 September 2013

September Glossybox London Edition

With London Fashion Week dooming upon us, Glossybox have cleverly designed this Month's box with the iconic Union Jack.  The tissue paper is covered in taxis, tea, phoneboxes, makeup and dresses - everything a stereotypical Brit loves.  Nice work Glossybox!

On with the most important part, the contents;

Eylure Pre-glued Lashes - One set £5.06
 I'm really intrigued by these lashes as I have to use Duo lash glue usually, for my falsies not to budge.  Apparently, you just remove the lashes from the box and apply straight to your lashline. How hard can it be? We'll see...Review coming soon!

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips - 3ml Sample Size (full size of 15ml retails at £11.50)
I'm super happy that this was in my box as I've been wanting to try it since it was hyped all over the blogging world a while ago.  I immediately applied some to my lips after trying to force it out of the tiny tube for a good couple of minutes.  The formulation is VERY thick, I feel like I would've only needed about a quarter of what I've actually applied.  A little definitely goes a long way.  I can't help but giggle that it's called nipple balm! This can also be used to heal burns, abrasions, extreme dry skin patches and the list goes on.

Toni & Guy Limited Edition Shine & Gloss Serum - Full Size £7.19
Shine & Gloss Serums are something I stay well away from. After a disaster with a shine spray before a night out which led to my hair been horrendously greasy, you can understand why.  I can find it in my heart to give this one a try though as I do really enjoy Toni & Guy products.  I'm thrilled that you actually get a full size of this too.

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eye Liner - Full size $14
YAY! I'm a massive keeno for black eyeliners and to actually receive a black eyeliner in a Glossybox is very rare. This is a felt tip applicator and after swatching it on my hand, it feels like a dream.  I waited for a couple of seconds for it to dry and then tried to smudge it and it literally wouldn't budge.  I've had to scrub it off my hand.  I can't wait to replace this with my usual Collection eyeliner.

Elizabeth Arden Untold - 5ml Sample size (Full Size £48 for 50ml)
Elizabeth Arden is a brand I tend to shy away from whilst looking for a fragrance, as I automatically associate it with Grandmas.  The teeny bottle might be the cutest thing I've ever seen but the scent just isn't for me.  Although it's a very floral fragrance, I feel that it'd suit a more mature woman.  I'd rather receive a bottle like this in my box than a little tube of perfume that I can pick up from anywhere.

Overall, I am really impressed with the September Glossybox. Absolutely love the design, packaging and can honestly say that I will use every product except the perfume but my Grandma will get good use from that so I don't mind. What did you get in your Glossybox?

Grace x

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