Saturday, 9 November 2013

MAC Lipstick - Pink Plaid

Pink Plaid is a lipstick that's been in my posession since my Birthday in September but as I've been a horrific blogger, I haven't yet got round to posting about it!

I used to absolutely love MAC lipsticks but since the price of them seems to increase more every time I purchase them, I've been going off them a bit lately.  Pink Plaid seems to be a perfect dupe for Revlon's Pink Pout which I used to wear religiously every day until I lost it. Sob sob! If you're not willing to part with 15 of your hard earned pounds then I'd definitely suggest giving Pink Pout a try!

Pink Plaid is more of a soft pink making it ideal for daytime wear.  I'm instantly drawn to brighter pinks but I'm not sure they're suitable for the office so this has quickly became my new hero.  It's a matte based lipstick which means that I find myself caking on the Carmex before I apply it.  Matte lipstick and dry lips = NO NO NO.

Like all MAC lipsticks, the staying power is pretty impressive.  I'd say that for a tea-a-holic like me, Pink Plaid tends to stay put for around 4-5 hours making it better than most high street lipsticks!

What are your opinions on Pink Plaid? Any suggestions for other MAC lipsticks that I should add to my ever-growing wishlist?

Grace x


  1. That's so pretty! I haven't allowed myself to buy a MAC lippie for ages I need to repurchase Angel, Creme cup and Hue though and I've got fanfare on my

    1. Aaah, I really want Creme Cup! It looks gorge! xxx

  2. i love this color, perfect for everyday makeup. you must be absolutely Capricious, creme cup, Fanfare, snob ...

  3. It's so annoying that MAC lipsticks keep getting more and more expensive, I remember buying them when they were 12.50 :(

    Amy from x

  4. Such a nice shade :) MAC 'Faux' and 'Angel' are gorgeous! x



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