Sunday, 24 November 2013

Maintaining my mane...

  Apart from once having my hair cut into a bob (shudder), I've had long hair for as long as I can remember.  Oddly enough, I find that the older I get, the less manageable my hair seems to get but these are a few budget products I rely on to keep my hair in tip top condition.

I tend to switch my shampoo and conditioner up on a regular basis and it always amazes me because when I think I find a shampoo and conditioner that I love and can't get enough of, I switch them and my hair looks even better! I guess that's down to your hair getting used to what you're using. 

At the moment I'm using the Toni & Guy Cleanse and Nourish shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair.  My mum actually bought these for me for my birthday and I honestly think they beat my usual Aussie fav's! After using the duo, I can instantly feel a difference in my hair. It's a lot softer and much easier to manage.

From time to time I'll use the Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner when I feel like my blonde locks are getting a bit brassy.  Within one use you can totally notice the difference.  It scares me a little because when you apply it, it turns your hair purple and can stain your clothes so I try not to use it too much! If you've got light blonde/platinum hair and haven't used this yet, try it, you won't believe your eyes! :)

I indulge in a good hair mask a couple of times a week. Some might think that's too much but my hair gets really knotty! I thought my knots were down to my hair being so long but I had quite a lot cut off not long ago and to be honest, my hair still seems to get as knotty as ever.

The Herbal Essences Seductively Straight Intensive Mask is a hair mask I constantly re-purchase.  It smells out of this world, so fruity and you can still smell it for hours after you've rinsed it off! Apart from the scent, it really does do what it says on the tub and I don't have to straighten my hair after I've used this mask.

I use the TRESemme split remedy when to put it bluntly, my hair feels a bit straw like! After a few uses I notice that I have less split ends and my hair doesn't break off as much as it normally would when I'm brushing it.
To keep my hair soft and fluffy, argan oil is a huge must for me. At the moment I'm using this beautifully scented TreSemme one. I find that argan oils all do the same thing and this is a cheaper alternative to the famous Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil.  It really adds a lot of moisture to dry hair and eliminates any frizz! The best thing is that you can also use argan oil for your cuticles, as a moisturiser and if you're daring enough, your face! 

Aussie's Miracle Colour Insurance leave in conditioner has been a staple hair product of mine for years now. When I'm in a rush and don't have time to condition my hair, I'll spritz this all over before drying it and you can't even notice that I haven't used proper conditioner. It's great.

Dry Shampoo is an essential in my life and if I don't have a can in my house I panic.  What if I wake up late for work and I don't have enough time to wash my hair?! My hair is extremely prone to greasiness and if I touch it too much the day before, it's disgusting the next day. I'm 24, will I ever grow out of this?! I've been using dry shampoo for about 3 years and have experienced a lot of different types in that time but nothing has ever beat Batiste. If they were ever to stop making it, my life would never be the same again! I'm not even being dramatic. Haha. 

DON'T LAUGH! I swear by detangling sprays when my hairs too knotty even my tangle teezer can't take it.  I have been known to make my mum/sister/friends to sit down for hours untangling my hair! I really do find that they make my hair a lot easier to manage and the sweet scent of pear whilst untangling is enough to make me block out a the pain!

PHEW! This post feels like it's taken forever to write especially since I've been writing through tears, thank you Surprise Surprise! I hope you've all had a great weekend and you're all looking forward to Monday ;)

Grace x


  1. The detangling sprays - so cute! They usually smell delicious too so I don't blame you ;)

    Charlotte - x

  2. Your hair is so pretty! :) Haha, I actually use detangling sprays meant for kids too! I have a Smurf one that smells of strawberries.

  3. Batiste dry shampoo is literally my saviour! X

  4. Herbal Essances Hair Masks & Tangle Teezers are literally a god send for my hair & the only way I can manage it, especially in this weather! I really need to try the seductively straight one it looks like it smells incredible!

    Great shout on the kids detangling sprays -- I swear by the Loreal kids one that smells of pears, it worked for me as a kid & it works on me now! Why change it up haha!

    Clearly whatever your doing with your hair is working, it looks incredible!! :)

    Charlotte xx

  5. I have been meaning to try those dry shampoos. All the bloggers talk about it!I invite you to join my eyeshadow palette giveaway:)


  6. You have such lovely hair! I love detangling sprays - my Mum always laughs at me when I use mine but my hair gets so tangled after I've washed it! x


  7. I've never used a detangling spray! Can't think why because I have the knottiest hair in the world!


  8. I have long hair too, (not as long as it was SOB SOB) and I Have to use a de tangling spay, its a huge help, even more so in the winter when big coats mess up my hair!

    Ineffable Beauty

  9. love ur blog.....wanna follow each other???

  10. I recently ran out of dry shampoo and those few days were a nightmare. I just can't do anything with my hair if I wash it normally.

    Jess x

    Feeling Stylish

  11. I really need to try some of these.
    I love Batiste dry shampoo, total life saver.

  12. I am glad someone else uses those kids sprays too and it isn't just me xx


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