Sunday, 10 November 2013

Teeny Tiny B&M Haul

 Today I decided to drag my very reluctant boyfriend to B&M.  I'm trying to be ahead of the game and have nearly finished my Christmas shopping but I wanted to see if they had any good stocking fillers to offer.  I couldn't resist a cheeky few things for myself though, naturally! I just love the homeware bits and pieces B&M stock.

These little plaques are so sweet. My boyfriend and I are hoping to move out next year in to a little place of our own and I think these will give a nice homely feel to our house/flat when we eventually get one! I love everything shabby chic and I don't know if I'll be able to keep these in the packet until then.  Definitely going to have to find a little temporary home for them in my bedroom.

How beaut is this jar?! Possibly my favourite purchase of the month. I just love it's cuteness and I love it even more now it holds all my favourite lipbalms.  I bought it with the intention to fill with cotton pads but the lipbalms look much easier on the eye.  I want to buy more of these for other things!

I've been looking everywhere for a toast rack for my palettes so I'm over the moon with this! It holds them perfectly! I wish I bought another rack for my other palettes but I didn't want to buy two at the time as I wasn't sure the slots would be big enough. I want to go back and get another one but I'm not sure whether my B&M hating boyfriend will take me! :(

Everything was an absolute bargain as you can see.  I just want to buy everything in the shop but I'll have to wait until I get my own house so I have enough place to store it all!

Grace x


  1. Love the toast rack, I might have to see if my local has one!

    1. So cute isn't it?! Perfect for palettes! Hope you find one xx

  2. I love that use of the toast rack! It's awesome... I may have to take inspiration from that idea :)

    Cat, xo

  3. I love the toast rack it's so cute! Going to have a look in my local shop this week to see if I can find it :) My boyfriend hates B & M too - I honestly don't know why! x


  4. Amazing bargains!

  5. Love the jar what a bargain, a great way to store stuff and still be able to see it!


  6. I adore B&M's homeware, I have the jar with a cream lid & I keep my cotton pads in it. I may get another one to keep my favourite things like hand cream, lip balm etc. I may have to make a sneaky trip to B&M to get some more gorgeous things for my room (: xx


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