Friday, 6 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

 Oh my god, so it's officially December, my most favourite month of the year! I'm going to the Clothes Show Live tomorrow which always makes me feel a bit more festive as it's alwalys on in
early/mid December. 

I painted my nails last night for the eventful day so I thought I'd post about them. Obviously, I had to use my limited edition Models Own Clothes Show nail polish that I picked up last year! I really haven't done this varnish justice as it is absolutely beautiful in person - so sparkly and this is just one coat!

I paired it up with my Sinful Colors Snow Me White varnish.  I bought 6 of the Sinful Colors nail polishes when they were first released in the UK but I've held back from posting about them because to be frank, most of the ones I have are awful.  Snow Me White is lovely though, you only need two coats to achieve a streak free, opaque look which for me, is quite rare for a white nail polish.

This nail combo just reminds me of snow, glitter and christmas - three of my fav things!

Are any of you going to the Clothes Show tomorrow? I am so excited, I look forward to this all year!

Grace x


  1. Gorgeous, wish I was going to Clothes Show again I have only been once and that was ages ago now, have fun x

    1. aww thanks lovely! It is just so good! xx

  2. These two polishes look gorgeous together! I got that Clothes Show polish last year & love it - got two bottles so still have one unopened thankfully as I love it! x


  3. this is so simple but so beautiful! and perfect for people that are horrible at doing their nails like me mahahah I can't believe I haven't discovered your blog earlier! Followed!

    Would you mind checking out mine and maybe even follow back? :)

    Andrea xx

  4. Ah I really wanted to go to the Clotheshow this year! It has been great previous years, looks like you got some great stuff too!


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