Sunday, 18 May 2014

Disappointing Products #2

It feels weird that I'm about to be writing like such a negative Nancy, especially since the sun has been shining all weekend but I had this post planned and these products have just not lived up to my expectations whatsoever.  I promise I'm not usually this moody!

Lets start off with the worst of the bunch - the Models Own Pro-Eyeliner.  I received this in a Models Own goodie bag that I bought from the Clothes Show last year and being a huge fan of their nail polishes, I couldn't wait to try it out.  I've worn eyeliner since I was about 14 and am a dab hand at applying it evenly now but I couldn't even apply a straight line with this even after about 5 attempts.  The nib is just so so so flimsy that it makes it completely impossible! The eyeliner itself seemed to transfer straight on to my brow bone too - not a good look.  All I can say is, I'm so glad I didn't pay full price for this. 

I was beyond excited about the prospect of the Revlon Parfumerie polishes when I first heard about them.  I love the shape of the bottle and the neat little labels but the product itself made me want to cry (ok, maybe I'm being a little extreme).  My boyfriend actually picked this shade in Boots as they had this little scratch and sniff type pad that was advertising the scents and Bordeaux just smelt heavenly.  Being the eager beaver that I am, I excitedly began painting my nails that night and after 3 coats, it was STILL transparent.  I put it down to the lighting and stopped at 3 coats as I'd have needed to stay up for ages waiting for a 4th/5th/6th coat to dry.  After my nails had finally dried, I could smell the tiniest little scent of 'perfume', I say that lightly because I don't know whether it was a little bit of the scent or whether I was just high on nail varnish fumes from trying to sniff my nails. 

I've just realised that you can see me taking this photo in the packaging - fail!  I picked up two of the L'oreal glam shine stains when they were being hyped about on the blogosphere and am not particularly keen on either of them but 'Romy' is by far the worst of the two.  I really tried hard to like this product but I'm afraid I've gotta give up.  When I swatch the gloss on my hand it's a nice pink shade and smells beautifully but when I apply it to my lips, it all goes terribly wrong.  I apply it and blot my lips, trying not to glue them together with the sheer amount of gloss in the process and I'm just left with the patchiest lips you could ever imagine.  The gloss somehow gathers in little sections and at first I put it down to maybe having a bit of foundation on my lips.  I tried again when I had no foundation on and it was exactly the same.  I don't know whether it's because it's such a light shade and I just don't notice it with the darker colour glam shine stain I have but whatever, it still looks awful.  Besides the uneven application, it feels awful on the lips too.  I'd say the consistency resembles pritt stick. 

Out of all the disappointing products that I own, the L'oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara is the one that has annoyed me most.  I honestly think that this works for everyone but me! I don't think I've seen one bad review on it thus far.  I am all about the clumpy mascara look and will buy any mascara that promises that fake lash look which is why I was so looking forward to trying this mascara out.  I think the worst thing is the brush itself, you can see theres a little line a third of the way down the wand and it just feels like it's about to snap.  I can't reach the lashes that I would normally as it's just too flimsy.  The consistency of the mascara is just...wet.  It manages to end up all over my eyelids when I apply it making me look like some sort of anime panda.  I think I'd be able to get an ok look if the brush was better but unfortunately it's just a shocker.

Obviously what doesn't work for me will most probably work for you but I just thought I'd share my honest opinion and maybe some of you will be able to relate! :)

Grace x

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  1. Great blog post! It's always a shame when products don't meet up to your expectations!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin


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