Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Barry M Aquarium glitter polishes: 'Treasure Chest' and 'Mermaid'

The Barry M Aquarium range had completely escaped my eye line until I noticed the polishes in Tesco a couple of days ago. The range is made up of the above two glitter polishes 'Treasure Chest' and 'Mermaid' and four duo chrome polishes that I may pick up when there's a 3 for 2 on in Boots/Superdrug. 

'Mermaid' immediately reminded me of the Sea Life Centre, I could totally see it in the little gift shop you get to at the end of your tour as a 'limited edition' type thing. I have seriously put too much thought into this!  The shredded pieces of gold, green and blue mismatched glitter look stuning over a white nail polish as it really picks up each individual colour.  What I like most is that no tiny speck of glitter is the same, I always find myself looking at my nails appreciating that fact.

'Treasure Chest' is such an apt name for the gold and rose gold flecks of glitter that you find jam packed into the bottle.  It has a really luxe look to the polish and I think it'd look perfect over Essie fiji or Models Own utopia - y'know just something nudey/pink toned. Aaah I could gush over this all day so I'll just stop now.

It's so easy to apply to the nail picking up lots of glitter with just one swipe of the brush.  With some glitter polishes you have to sort of dab at your nails in order to make sure your glitter is evenly distributed but you can rest easy with Barry M's offerings as they are the total opposite to said glitters.

I think these polishes will be my favourites of the Summer!  I can't wait to start wearing them. Have you tried any of the Aquarium range?

Grace x


  1. They look super pretty :)

    1. they're even more pretty in person! xx

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  3. gorgeous pics! great blog


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