Monday, 16 June 2014

Make up Revolution Velvet Salvation Lip Lacquer in 'What I Believe'

If you read my blog then you will probably have already seen the makeup revolution haul I posted about here where I purchased this lip lacquer.  I've only ever tried the MUA lip velvets which I do like but the colours I bought them in were a little too 'extreme' for day to day wear so with that in mind, I picked up this peachy/pink shade from Makeup Revolution in 'What I believe'.

I'll start by saying, I'm not fond of the cardboard outer whatsoever but for a bargainous £3, I'd rather they focused on the actual product than something I'm going to throw in the bin.  The tube itself is pleasant enough with a cheeky bit of rose gold lettering thrown in to make allll the girls hearts flutter. Nice touch Make up Revolution.

There's no denying that this product is highly pigmented, what you see swatched on my hand above is just one stroke! That said, when applied to the lips, I had to give it two coats for it to look even.  I don't know whether it's just my personal preference but the product felt very uncomfortable on my lips, to the point where I nearly had to wipe it off but for the purpose of this review, I persevered and left it to see whether it'd impress me.  Despite the application, I really do like the shade and how it looks on the lips. 

At 11am I decided to pop my mirror out and see what my lips were looking like and I hate to say this but I was sorely disappointed.  After 3 and a half hours of application, the product had began to separate leaving me with a seriously patchy pout. I then decided to just remove it all together as I felt really self conscious and as I rubbed my lips, the lacquer just flaked off! I could actually see little flakes of colour all over the tissue and at that point, I vowed never to wear this lip product again.

Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. I just wanted to give my honest opinion on the product.  I don't have dry lips so I've no idea why I didn't get on with the product as I know the lip lacquers are highly rated across the blogging community.

Have you tried the lip lacquers? You can have a look at the whole range here

Grace x


  1. Hello dear!
    Love this post very much,it's so nice and pretty!
    Very inspirational!
    Hopefully you can visit my blog,would love to hear from you!
    xoxo Antonella <3

  2. Shame about being uncomfy and patchy the color is really pretty on you though !


  3. This is so lovely and pigmentated just a pity it cracks up into patches xx.


  4. Looks like such a nice colour, but I'll be giving it a miss as I have dry lips so I can imagine it being even worse on me!

    Laura x


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