Saturday, 7 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul

If you haven't heard about Makeup Revolution yet then you must have been avoiding the blogosphere.  I decided to cave in and order from the bargain beauty brand so I thought I'd share what I purchased. I haven't included any swatches because I want to do reviews on each individual item so this is very much just a first impressions post. Superdrug had a three for two offer on all beauty products so I took full advantage and just decided to order one of more or less everything!

So the bronzer/blush products I picked up were the baked bronzer in 'ready to go', 'golden lights' highlighter, a blush in 'wow' and a blush lacquer in 'rush'.  I honestly can't get over how pretty the highlighter and baked bronzer looks! I'm really excited to try the blush lacquer too, i'm just so intrigued. Don't you think the packaging of the lacquer reminds you of GOSH?

I'm really looking forward to trying the kajal liner as it's something I'd usually brush off. I did have a cheeky swatch of it and I definitely have high hopes. I also picked up a nail polish in 'boy needs a girl' - I love the name! One thing I have noticed about all the products so far is that the names are really cute/girly.

I asked on twitter for recommendations and everybody spoke about how good the iconic 3 palette was so of course I had to have it! I'm not much of a regular eyeshadow wearer so I'm hoping this'll convert me!

I also picked up two more eyeshadows - 'good life' and 'give me more'.  I'm thinking that these two are probably shades that are already in the iconic three palette but yolo (did I really just say that? I'm SO 2013).  Pigments are usually not my thing as I find them SO messy but I had to get this one in 'etiquette'. I've had a little play around with this and I'll just leave you with one word - wow.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, lip products! I got two of the lipsticks, 'lady' and 'sweetheart'. I really like the feel of the packaging for a mere £1. When you twist the lipstick, they're not rickety if that makes any sense at all?! They just feel more luxe compared to other £1 lipsticks I've tried.  Lipglosses and I don't usually get on but I just had to give the Make up Revolution ones a try! The tube lipgloss is in 'baby try' and the other is 'natural pink.  I also got the lip velvet in 'what I believe', looks like an absolutely gorge colour!

The products all range from a price of £1 to £4 which is an absolute steal in my eyes! I just can't wait to try out everthing now, I've got a feeling I'm going to fall in love...

Grace x


  1. I'm loving Makeup Revolution at the moment too! We picked up the same lipsticks (Lady and Sweetheart) I also picked up Beloved and then the lip lacquer in More then I could give. I love the names & think the packaging is pretty darn good since the products are so cheap! xo

  2. I need to pick some more of Revolution's products up! I'm hearing so much about them right now :)

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