Monday, 30 June 2014

Mani Monday #4

Whilst I was browsing the make up aisles of Boots, my boyfriend ran up to me with the Models Own Matte Top Coat excitedly explaining how much he liked the colour.  A few giggles later, I explained that it was in fact a top coat (he stopped listening at this point).  I'd never actually seen the matte top coat before so I thought I'd pick it up as I spent ages trawling various different shops for the Rimmel one but never managed to find it.

I paired the top coat with a hot barbie pink shade - Look Beauty's Corsage.  I find Corsage to be streaky and the formula to just feel quite cheap in general.  I needed three layers and even then I could've done with another one if I was being really picky.  The top coat was SO thick! The consistency reminded me of wallpaper paste, it even looks the same colour.  I waited for my nails to be magically transformed into a matte dream but unfortunately, that just didn't happen.  Apart from the polish looking a tad smoother, I didn't notice any difference at all!

If you were thinking of buying the matte top coat, I'd definitely hold on to your pennies as it truly did disappoint me.


  1. Heyy, I've just purchased my first matt topcoat and matt colour polish, and I have to say I've had completely different results! I have the Barry M Pale pink matt and matt top coat and it gives a great finish. In my experience the matt topcoat only really gives great results with a matt colour as well. But I do agree, it is very thick!

    My recent post about my new nail collection is here ...

    I'd love your thoughts :)

    GITM xox

  2. Oooh I'm not usually one for pink nail polish but that colour looks great!


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