Sunday, 1 June 2014

Spring/Summer Lipstick Favourites

I am ALL about the bright lip colours.  I've just never been able to pull off a good nude shade no matter how many different lipsticks I try. I'm now convinced there is just not one out there for me! With this in mind, I just embrace a bright lip all year round but I feel my choice in lip colours get a little bit brighter as we edge into Spring/Summer.

My all time favourite pink lipstick has to be MAC's Chatterbox.  Chatterbox is my fail safe pink lipstick as it seems to suit every ocassion.  It's an amplified finish which means that the lipstick is very creamy making it easy to work with whether your lips are dry or not.  The colour pay off is incredible too and just so highly pigmented.  I'd say this usually lasts around five hours and fades evenly ensuring you're not left with that horrible 'I've only applied lip liner today' look.

Ok so Rimmel's Coral in Gold was actually an accidental purchase for me! I meant to pick up a completely different shade and came home with this instead but luckily to my delight, it's been a firm favourite of mine for years.  I don't know whether I'd call this coral as it's predominantly orange! There are little flecks of gold running through the lipstick which may sound a little scary but when applied to your lips, looks absolutely beautiful! I mainly wear Coral in Gold when I'm tanned as it just makes me feel all summery.

Just when you thought the blogosphere was rid of Apocalips talk, I come at you with Rimmel's Apocalips in Stellar.  I can't quite describe the colour of Stellar, it's not a red per se but it's not pink either. I guess it's just a mixture of the two with maybe a slight hint of orange? Ok, i'm confusing myself now so lets just say it's very BRIGHT.  I find Stellar a little tricky to pull off but when I manage to, I really do like it.  You need the tiniest bit with this lip lacquer a little really does go a long way.  When the colour fades after around 3-4 hours there's a slight stain left to your lips which is always a bonus.  I'm not good with gloss usually but I find the consistency of apocalips great to work with.

FashionistA Double Take Lipstick in Coral is what I'd describe as a true coral shade.  MUA did stock FashionistA for a while but they don't seem to anymore. I wonder what happened to the brand?!  I have quite a few FashionistA lipsticks but coral is my favourite.  It's so easy to wear, looks great whatever complexion you have.  It's quite pigmented and the scent is quite coconut-y which adds to the summery feel!  The only downfall is that it only lasts around 2-3 hours before you need to touch up.  I can live with that though as the shade is just lovely.

Another MAC summer staple is the Saint Germain lipstick.  This can be incredibly difficult to wear  though as it's such a pale pink.  When you've got a tan and apply this you do run the risk of looking like Barbie BUT that can be avoided by just sort of patting the product on your lips to look a little more subtle. I think I particularly have a soft spot for Saint Germain as it was the first MAC lipstick I ever purchased, aww! Like Chatterbox, this is an amplified finish so it's dreamy to apply. 

What are your favourite Spring/Summer lipsticks?! Do you own any of my picks?

Grace x


  1. macs saint german and chatterbox are both on my mac wishlist, they look amazing, can't wait to pick them up.

  2. I just followed you on Bloglovin'. You have a lovely blog x

  3. Saint Germain looks gorgeous, I've just faked tanned and I don't mind looking like barbie - get on my lips!


  4. I love stella! It's one of my favourites such a bold beautiful colour!

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  5. I'm so into bright colours on lips as well, especially for spring/summer and then I switch to dark purples in winter. That apocalips colour looks amazing! I still need to try one of those, would love if you would check out my blog :)


  6. I adore chatterbox and saint germain, they are great colours. I also love Mac russian red and I do have a soft spot for the topshop lippies!

    I'm your newbie bloglovin follower. :) - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle


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