Sunday, 6 July 2014

A reflection of my week #3

After reading Vivianna Does Makeup's blog post on Sophia Amoruso's Girl Boss, I had to see what the fuss was about so I ordered it from Amazon last week. Oh my god, if you want to feel empowered then you need to read this book. #Girlboss is inspirational and insightful and it will fill your head with so many ideas that you won't be able to sleep at night.  I don't want to talk about it too much as I want you all to buy it but Sophia Amoruso started up her own business - Nasty Gal on eBay that has grown into an extremely huge successful business. She shares her tips on what she's learnt along the way, seriously thought provoking quotes as well as her own personal story. I thoroughly recommend reading this book!

What with it being Orange Wednesday, I went to see The Fault in Our Starts. I hadn't read the book so I wasn't fully knowing what to expect. Obviously I knew it had been raved about but the 3 minute trailer I'd seen wasn't enough to make me form an opinion.  My friend and I both thought the beginning of the film was quite cringeworthy but fast forward 30 minutes and we'd totally fallen in love with the characters.  It's honestly the best film I've seen so far this year and I'd recommend taking a packet of tissues with you if you're thinking of going to see it as you'll be blubbering all the way through! 

My boyfriend's grandparents bought us this Pot of Dreams 'money pot'. I absolutely love the cute little quote on the pot but I don't want to put money in it because you have to physically smash the pot to get it out and it's far too pretty to break! They come in loads of different designs too and I think they make a perfect little gift for someone special to you.

Me and my boyfriend discovered these Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches about a month ago and have been throwing them into our shopping trolley every week since. They're only 110 calories and they are out of this world. If you've ever had a maxibon, they're similar to the biscuity bit of that. They're £3 a box but you get six in there so they're easily justified!

I bought these beauty blenders off eBay months ago and I tried applying my makeup with one once before giving up. I'm trying to get in to using beauty blenders again as everybody talks about how much they love them. So far, I'm not really getting it but I don't know if I'm just doing it wrong so I'm going to watch a few youtube videos later to find out how you're meant to use them.

What have you been upto this week? 


  1. #GIRLBOSS is such a bloody amazing book. i've always loved nasty gal clothing so it's really interesting & inspirational to read the story behind it. i bought those oreo sandwiches last week too, omg so good! xx

  2. I NEED to purchase Girl Boss I've heard so much about it! Oh lord, I've read The Fault In Our Stars three times so absolutely had to go watch it…I think I cried for hours afterwards!


  3. Great post! Lovely seeing what you're upto in life :)

  4. Omg! Oreo Ice Cream, yum! xx



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