Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tanya Burr lipgloss in 'Smile, Dream, Sparkle'

 It's great when a blogger/youtuber you watch brings out their own range of products isn't it? It's almost like you know them! Being a bit of a Tanya Burr fan, my boyfriend bought her 'Smile, Dream Sparkle' lipgloss home for me one day as a little surprise.

I can't say the barely there shade is something I'd normally go for but it made a nice change to the  brights I'd usually wear. 'Smile, Dream, Sparkle' does have a slight pink tone to it with tiny pieces of glitter running throughout which aren't noticeable at all when applied to the lips.

My initial thought on the packaging and shade names was that the range had specifically been targetted at a younger audience which I completely understand as I think the majority of Tanya's subscribers are aged between 12-16 ish.  This aside, the packaging is ok. It's nothing amazing but then I wouldn't expect it to be for Tan's first range! 

The first thing that hit me was the scent - literally smells just like pic n mix! I really like the actual applicator too, I thought it was going to be quite flimsy but it's relatively sturdy but soft at the same time which makes applying the lipgloss a smooth process.

The lipgloss lasted around 3 hours on my lips without eating or drinking which is amaaazing compared to most lipglosses I've tried.  I wouldn't say i'd wear it every day but that's just my personal preference as I feel bare without colour on my lips.

Have you tried Tanya's lipgloss and nails range?


  1. I have not yet tried anything from the tanya burr collection, not sure if i will but i love it when cosmetics have a sweetie type of smell <3

    lovely review - short & sweet!

    zara xx

  2. This looks really pretty. I'm sure it would be perfect over a bright lip colour xx


  3. I've tried the lipgloss in 'afternoon tea' and it is amazing! it is highly pigmented and i would consider the consistency more of a lip lacquer than a gloss, it has amazing lasting power too

  4. This looks super pretty! I really want to try some bits from her range <3


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