Monday, 13 October 2014

My Pamper Evening Routine

Whether I've had a long week at work or I'm just generally feeling a tad run down, I like to indulge in a bit of a pampering sesh! I always mix it up when it comes to the products I use just to keep my pamper nights exciting but these are the latest products I've been using.

I'm not much of a bath person (although hand me a Lush bath bomb and I'd be easily persuaded!) so I kick my pamper evening off with a hot shower and a nice candle.  I've been using the Imperial Leather foamburst body wash and I'm really loving it. It actually doubles as a shaving foam and has that mousse/shaving foam consistency.  The body wash creates tons of bubbles and leaves you and your bathroom smelling incredible. I can't recommend the honey & almond milk scent enough.

What pamper session would be complete without a hair mask?! After using my shampoo and conditioner of choice, I smother my hair with the TRESemme keratin smooth mask and leave it to work it's magic for around 20 minutes. That may sound extreme but the silky soft hair at the end of it is definitely worth it!

I find moisturising such a chore but I love how it makes my skin feel - a catch 22 right there! For days when I'm being lazy, I'll use the Soap and Glory Girligo moisturising mist. You literally spray it on, rub it in and hey presto - moisturised skin in 30 seconds!  I've been trying out the Dove purely pampering body cream which is nice when you want to smell more fresh than sweet/floral. 

I then use a Biore nose strip to keep those pesky blackheads at bay, apply some lip balm and smother my face in Sudocrem until I resemble Casper.  Someone once told me that Sudocrem was actually bad for your skin but it always leaves my face feeling super soft!

I then like to give my hands and feet a bit of a treat! I'm yet to find a better foot cream than Heel Genius so I tend to stick to it like glue but if it ain't broke, don't fix it and all that. The L'Occitane hand cream is something I've had knocking around for ages so I'm trying to use it up but in all honesty,  I'm not overly keen on it!

No pamper session would ever be complete without a bit of nail painting so I take time out to make sure my nails are looking gorge. I'm a little obsessed with the latest offerings from Barry M at the moment and they've taken over my love for Models Own especially the glitter polish above in 'Treasure Chest' - I can't get enough of it!

Once I'm feeling suitably relaxed, I pop on my pyjamas, make myself a hot chocolate, grab even more chocolate and settle down to watch a nice film.  I would definitely recommend Like Crazy if you've got Netflix.  It's one of those films that makes you feel every emotion and you don't quite know how to feel when it ends.

What do your pamper evenings consist of?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Beyonce Pulse Eau de Parfum

Celebrity fragrances can be very hit and miss and are something I usually tend to shy away from.  That said, when making an order from Fragrance Direct a couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued by Beyonce Pulse. I'd be telling fibs I said it wasn't the bargain price tag of £12.99 that didn't initially draw me in but I just thought the bottle looked so interesting and totally different to any other perfume I've bought before.

I received another perfume of Queen Bey's - 'Heat' for my birthday a couple of years ago and wasn't that blown away with it so my expectations weren't too high for Pulse but I must say that fragrance wise, this is way better than I expected!  

At first, Pulse is a sweet sickly scent which instantly reminds me of Britney Spears 'Fantasy'. Once settled on your skin, the candy scent is still present but is overpowered with a fresh fruity orange scent which I absolutely love. If you're not a fan of the Britney Spears perfumes then this one definitely wouldn't be for you as it is very sweet. From the design/colour of the bottle, I thought Pulse would be more sexy and more of an 'adult' scent but that teaches me not to judge a book by it's cover!

The bottle IS interesting but totally unnecessary. The metallic looking bulky plastic lid/holder makes carrying the perfume around in your bag a living nightmare and I just don't like the fact that my perfume is upside down. It makes me scared that it's going to leak! 

Pulse is definitely more of an everyday perfume that you will need to spray throughout the day as unfortunately the scent wears off after around 3 hours - boo! Saying that, it is a celebrity perfume and did only cost me £12.99 so realistically, I should be happy that it lasts that long!

Have you tried Pulse or any of the other Beyonce perfumes?  

Grace x 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Halloween Decor On a Budget

With Halloween quickly approaching, I went on a little search for cheap but cheerful creepy Halloween decorations.  Whether you're having a party or just a little get together with the girls, a scary movie night or maybe you just want to give your house a frightful little makeover, click on the links above that'll take you direct to the items.

I personally love the creepy talking doll although it would definitely not be allowed to be in the same room as me while I sleep! The pumpkin lights are seriously cute - there's just something about pumpkins that's just adorable. I can't help but love them!  

Do you have any plans for Halloween?

Grace x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Makeup Revolution I heart Makeup Lip Geek lipstick in 'Ken will want me'


I recently purchased a few items from Makeup Revolution's 'I heart Makeup' range and OH MY GOD, I have become obsessed. I just want absolutely everything in the entire range.  

As a total lipstick fiend, I naturally browsed the lipsticks first and if I'm completely honest, the barbie pink tube was enough for me to want to own the entire lipstick collection. I just LOVE the fun 90's esque packaging which is completely different to most of the other packaging you see on the high street at the moment. Makeup Revolution are incredible at coming up with catchy names and producing slightly out of the ordinary packaging. 

'Ken Will Want Me' (can we just take a minute to appreciate how apt that name is?!) is a slightly barbie but ever so wearable pink that would look good on all skin tones.  I like that it's not too overpowering like some pink shades can be.  The formula is a dream - it's creamy which means it glides on nicely. You could practically apply it with your eyes closed! It's slightly sheer but buildable which is great if you don't want your pout to look too bold. 

What suprised me most with this lipstick was the longevity. I went shopping, drank, ate a hot dog, drank again and it STILL stayed on! As you can see from the photos above, after 5 hours it was almost worn off but still left a nice baby pink stain to my lips. 

Overall, I cannot fault this lipstick and truly do want the entire Lip Geek collection. For £2.99 a pop, I think I'll be making that dream come true!  I bought my lipstick from Superdrug but you can also order directly from the Makeup Revolution website.  

What's your favourite Makeup Revolution product?