Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ordering Online with Estee Lauder and a Double Wear Maximum Cover Review

I've tried a million different foundations over the past 10 years or so and have found my holy grail - the much loved, incredibly popular, Estee Lauder Double Wear.  I started off using the regular Double Wear and didn't think I'd ever find anything better than that. I then bought the Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation and it completely blew the socks off the regular Double Wear!

I'm not a massive fan of the Estee Lauder counters as I find the staff rude, unhelpful and I feel like they're examining my makeup as I talk to them.  I decided to order online on a whim about 6 months ago and have continued to do so as I find the experience a lot better! You get to pick free two samples with every order and the delivery is free too! I didn't take a photo of the packaging but it's super luxurious and matches the navy blue colour of the box and bag above.

I picked a sample of the 'Modern Muse' perfume to see whether it'd be suitable for my Grandma for a Christmas present as she's a massive fan of the Estee Lauder perfumes but I'm not going to lie, I ended up loving it myself! It's quite floral with a hint of musk and I sprayed the sample on me and it lasted all day.

I'm yet to try the mascara sample but I always pop a mascara sample in my basket with every order. Personally I'd never buy an Estee Lauder mascara as I'm happy with my high street mascara staples so couldn't justify the money spent on a high end one. The samples are great for popping into your handbag in case you need a little touch up.

The packaging of the Estee Lauder double wear foundation is classy, something I'd expect to find in my Mum's makeup bag as a child that I'd automatically be drawn to as it looks expensive and shiny!

The Camouflage Double Wear Maximum is a very heavy coverage that I think a lot of people tend to shy away from.  It's intended for skin imperfections, scars, birth marks and varicose veins and it honestly will cover all of these things. I actually have relatively clear skin, I get the odd spot every couple of months but my skin does get a little patchy.  I don't need to use this foundation for my skin to look nice, I use it because I like the flawless, matte coverage it gives and I've never known a foundation that gives coverage like it.

You only need to apply a tiny dollop as demonstrated on my hand above as a little goes a very long way. It's blend-able but the liquid foundation does dry fast so you really need to blend it quickly! It may take a couple of applications to get it just right but after a couple of tries, you really will have mastered it! If you don't like the heaviness of the foundation, you can mix it with a lighter consistency foundation to ensure you're still getting great coverage.  This is something I do when I'm running a little low on my beloved Estee.

You can pick up a tube for yourself here on the Estee Lauder website. At £29.50 a pop, it's not cheap but a tube will last me around 3 months and I'm yet to find anything to beat it.


  1. This sounds amazing, im the same my skin is clear but i just love a flawless full coverage base so this i really want to try. Thanks for such a great review xx
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. This is the biggest problem with buying make-up at department stores, sometimes staff seem so condescending and judgemental. I love ordering online, but I also like to try the product in person before purchasing. Oh the dilemma...

    The packaging looks gorgeous!

    Dream Big

  3. Really want to try this foundation but such a struggle in choosing the right shade online. Such a shame staff have to be rude and judgemental x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  4. I'm still trying to find my holy grail product, so I may just have to try this. It's difficult to find one that suits all your needs! Flawless, matte coverage sounds perfect. :] // ▲ ▲

  5. I hate the staff at most make up counters (particularly MAC) as they all seem so snobby and condescending. I'm sure there are some lovely ones out there but I just avoid counters at all cost now.
    The coverage really does look incredible! I typically stay away from such a full coverage but I am a little intrigued by the Double Wear Maximum Coverage. I'm going to have to apologise to my bank account for this one.

    Raise The Waves

  6. This product sounds amazing! My skin unfortunately is not flawless nor close to it, so having the coverage that this foundation offers would be nice. Great review! Thanks for sharing!! :)


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