Saturday, 8 November 2014

We wish you a savvy Christmas!

As I write this post it's officially 46 days 'til Christmas and I have already knuckled down and got some of my Christmas shopping done. When it comes to shopping for presents, I am the most indecisive person. There's nothing worse than buying a present from somewhere and then finding it in another shop for way less than you paid! This has happened to me countless times and I've definitely learnt from my mistakes so I thought it'd be nice to share my top tips for savvy Christmas shopping.

  • I discovered Top CashBack a while ago but I only started using it properly a couple of months back. In simple terms, Top CashBack pays you for doing your shopping! There's absolutely no catch at all. All you do is sign up through their site, search for the shop you'd like to order from in their 'merchants/store name' search bar and it'll bring up the store.  Not every store is listed but there are over 4,000 merchants to choose from so the chances are that if you're ordering from a well known shop, it'll be on there. It'll tell you exactly how much cashback you will earn once you've selected your chosen store. I've used the site since September, have placed three orders on Fragrance Direct for a total of £156.82 and have earned £11.52 - that's nearly enough for a MAC lipstick!  Top CashBack are also offering an extra 5% cashback on all purchases you make from October to December providing you make an order from a merchant at least once each month. Sign up here - you won't regret it! 

  • Budget, budget, budget! Before I embark on my Christmas shopping adventure, I make a list of all the people I have to buy for and how much I'd like to spend on them. I usually add a little extra on to give me a little leeway in case there are people that I've forgotten (oops!).  This really helps for me as I have four siblings and want to ensure I'm spending an equal amount of money on all of them but also makes sure I don't go overboard. Once I buy a present, I write it next to their name with the amount. I make the lists on my phone so I can whack it out in the middle of a shop if necessary - big family problems!

  • This might sound obvious but SHOP AROUND! If you go into a shop and see a book that you think someone would like, check the price on Amazon first as it's most likely to be cheaper on there.  When you're shopping online, google the product before you purchase from the website. It'll bring up a list of all the current prices the item is currently being sold for so you know that you're getting the cheapest deal. 

  • Look out for discount codes, 3 for 2 offers and sales.  Your emails will have already been bombarded with discount codes for your fav online stores but make sure you visit My Voucher Codes before you hit that checkout button just in case you can make a nice little saving!

  • This is a bit cheeky but if you're not seeing someone until after Christmas day then hold out and buy their present in the boxing day sales, especially if you're buying something from Boots as their prices get slashed like crazy!

  •  Hot UK Deals is like my bible during the festive season. I check it religiously and have found some really good bargains from the site. If you're not familiar with Hot UK Deals, users upload deals, discounts and voucher codes that they've found in various stores/online. I love looking through the deals but I'm a bit jealous at times as some are glitches that they've found in their local supermarkets but it's still worth downloading the app!

  • Groupon is your friend. I've bought a fair few deals from Groupon but you do have to be quick as sometimes they sell out fast! There are lots of deals on there at the moment that are fantastic so definitely have a little browse. 

  • If you're on a tight budget, get creative with the help of Pinterest. If I was a creative person I genuinely would make every gift I give as there are so many lovely, heartfelt ideas to choose from on Pinterest. 

I hope this post was helpful for you all. I'll be posting my Christmas gift guides in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for those! Eeek Christmas is so exciting!

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  1. wow this is great l always like to use voucher saving codes these are good for money saving


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