Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Putting up the Christmas Tree and Breakfast at Bills

If you didn't already know, I am the least creative and most clumsiest person in the world. Last night while my boyfriend was out, I decided to put our Christmas tree up being the 1st December and all. It's our first Christmas in our own house together so the tree decorating was completely down to me and oh my god, I was excited! 

We've had the tree for a couple of years and just used to put it up in our bedroom when we lived with my boyfriends parents but the decorations we had previously used were looking a little tatty. I bought a multi pack of silver, gold and pink baubles from B&M for a bargain price of £4.99(!!) along with the cute little glitzy pink reindeers. The star on the top of the tree is actually from B&M too and is more of a hanging decoration but I thought it looked cute at the top of the tree.  I don't know why but tinsel on the tree just doesn't sit well with me. I find it impossible to make it look nice and neat!

All in all, I'm quite pleased with my little tree, even if I did get tangled in the lights and had a mini hissy fit! 

I had a day off today to go Christmas shopping with my friend and we randomly decided to have breakfast at Bill's Restaurant, Norwich. I've never tried eggs benedict before but this was the nicest thing ever - poached eggs served over sliced ham, hollandaise sauce and toasted sour dough bread. I could literally eat it everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The atmosphere in Bills is amazing, it's rustic with a definite shabby chic sort of vibe. I'll be going back to eat there for sure. I'm already looking forward to my next visit! 

Have any of you ever been to Bill's? If you're doing Blogmas, let me know in the comments below as I'd love to read your posts!


  1. Love the tree! We put ours up on Saturday as we're keen beans ;) I love Bill's! My fav dishes are their pancakes mmm.


    1. I've never had their pancakes! I'll definitely try them next time I go to Bill's! xx

  2. Your tree looks so pretty! I've gone for a similar theme this year :)
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes

    1. You can't beat a bit of pink and gold! xxx


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