Friday, 5 December 2014

Sleek Lipstick in 'Liquer'

When it comes to lipsticks, there's usually only one shade for me - PINK! When I was making an online Superdrug order last week, I was feeling a bit out there and decided to order a Sleek lipstick in the shade 'Liquer'.

The lipstick casing completely lives up to the brand's name - sleek! I like the matte finish as it makes the packaging seem just that little bit more luxe. I wasn't really sure what to expect with the shade as I googled the product before buying and it seems to look different on everyone! In the tube, the lipstick is a brown-ish pink tone with a prominent shimmer running through it but as you can see on my lips, it's a glowy nude-y pink shade. Swatched on my hand, it's more of a shimmery brown and looks completely different compared to when it's on my lips. Crazy eh?!

The consistency is by far my favourite thing about this Sleek offering - it's just so creamy! It literally feels like I'm wearing a lip balm! I found I had to apply two coats as it wasn't too pigmented but I can live with that.  I'd say that the lipstick lasts for a maximum of 3 and a half hours with eating and drinking which for the price tag of £4.99 isn't too bad.

I'm not really one for nude lipsticks but this has completely won me over and I'll be wearing this a lot throughout the next couple of months.

Have you tried any of the Sleek lipsticks?


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