Monday, 22 December 2014

Inside my Mum's shop - Something to Love

A couple of months ago, my Mum finally took the plunge and opened her own shop after months of deliberation.  Something to Love is based in Knighton, Powys - I doubt any of you have heard of Knighton as it's such a tiny little town on the Welsh border that you're probably never going to visit but still, I thought it'd be nice to share a few photos of the shop.

An array of bath bombs, soaps and bath melts take centre stage in the shop. My favourites are the bubblegum and parma violets bath bombs - they smell good enough to eat! I really like the look of the vintage signs although they aren't something that would suit my house unfortunately.  I can imagine these in a retro, historic office or games room. There are dozens of old annuals to choose from which always spark a lot of memories for the over 40's.  When I see annuals like this, I just think of what it'll be like in years to come in little vintage shops - will people be selling One Direction and Top Gear annuals?! Crazy!

My favourite pieces by far are the decoupaged items. I'd love a pair of matching floral bedside tables or a nice little cabinet to store my makeup.  I never realised how easy decoupage was to do, you just cut out bits of fabric/wallpaper/napkins and paste them on to whichever item you fancy with PVA glue and then just glue over the top of it then varnish over your creation and it's done! It is very time consuming though and if you're a neat freak, you need to have a lot of patience.  My mum spends so long making these pieces and sells them so cheap - she is craaazy!

The scrabble decorations are so so sweet and are a nice little talking point for visitors as they're different to the usual Christmas decoration offerings. 

If you're ever in the Knighton area then be sure to pop in to Something to Love as it's filled with such unique, one of a kind items.  You can like Something to Love on facebook here, follow the instagram page here and follow on twitter here!

Hope you liked this post - I know it's a little different to normal but I like to shake things up every now and again!


  1. Wow this shop looks so delightful! Love unique shops with character :) well done to your mum

  2. What a lovely shop! Congrats to your mum! :) x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  3. hi sarah its Alfie cool shop


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