Friday, 27 February 2015

15 things we all think and do when using Instagram and Pinterest.

1. "OMG I NEED A HOUSE AS WHITE AS THAT" you exclaim as you examine the photograph up close hoping to spot a stain that ruins the perfect illusion.

2. *loads up the Boots website and buys all the nude lip liners in the world* because if it works for Kylie Jenner, it's clearly going to work for you too.

3. "Does her contour really look like that or is she just using a really good filter?" It's just impossible to tell.

4. Seeing a photo of an amazing burger whilst you're tucking into your Weightwatchers microwave lasagne is enough to ruin your whole week.

5. A random photo of a cat get thousands of likes so you upload a photo of your cute lil kitty and it gets a grand total of 4 likes. Oh.

6. Losing a follower and immediately checking your feed to see what you last posted in case you've accidentally offended someone.

7. Buying all the ingredients to make a rainbow cake but your food colouring must have got confused as your cake looks like vomit.

8. Liking photos of salads, bottles of fruit infused water and photos of girls with dreamy bodies whilst dipping dorito after dorito in a calorific sauce.

9. Logging onto Amazon and buying loads of pretty white/grey/pink blogger hyped books purely to use as decor because it just looked so damn nice on Pinterest.

10. Getting really pissed off that you've just taken a bite out of your cake before instagramming it cause your BFF just got hundreds of likes on her cake photo.

11. Posting a selfie that doesn't get at least 5 likes in the first minute results in you taking it down immediately because you must be really ugly and you really can't afford to be losing more followers.

12. You get seriously embarrassed when you realise you've pinned a photo of a bedroom to your makeup board. THAT DOES NOT BELONG THERE!

13. Rolling your eyes at the 405393820 Starbucks photos on Instagram but then heading into your local Starbucks cafe and immediately taking a photo of your drink cause if you didn't take a photo, it basically didn't happen and the world needs to know you drink Starbucks and not the free vending machine hot chocolates at work right?

14. When you work really hard on your brightness and contrasting skills and your photo just gets SO many likes and you feel like a complete goddess.

15. Feeling totes creative after making a 'memories jar' thanks to your good pal Pinterest then it gets to the end of the year and you find your memories jar under your bed, covered in dust with a total of one pieces of paper in it. You take the piece of paper out and it reads 'made this memory jar for all my memories this year'.


  1. I do nos. 1, 11 and 12 all the time haha!

    Sarah | Sarahanne14

  2. Haha i love this post =] it made me laugh

  3. All of these, so much,


  4. Haha absolutely love this list. All of them are so true - especially the white house thing. I've become obsessed with white modern kitchens and I don't even own a house!! xx

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  5. This is amazing. 5 and 14 made me chuckle the most as I can completely relate. Why does no one like my cat?! xx

  6. This made me chuckle a lot :) Great post xx

  7. I can definitely sympathise with number 9 and number 12. I have a mini stroke when I pin something to the wrong board! (sad I know)
    Megan x
    London Callings

  8. haha great post! This is very true!
    Holly xx


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